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    *omg, thread updating needed*

    Hey guys, as some of you might know, I was donated a Galaxy Note 4 (N910C) and am now working on AOSP for it.
    The sources required to build a ROM are hosted at GitHub currently:

    device: https://github.com/teameos/device_samsung_treltexx/
    kernel: https://github.com/raymanfx/kernel_samsung_trelte/
    vendor: https://github.com/raymanfx/vendor_samsung_treltexx/

    If you want to give this a shot, you should be familiar with git and repo and be able to sync the TeamEos source yourself.

    If anybody feels brave enough, give it a try yourself, all the required bits are posted above :)

    • Bluetooth headset calls (RX works, TX is broken)
    • Open source AVC (H.264) Encoder is broken (Videos recorded in portrait are rotated by 90° counter clockwise, and there's artifacts all over the place)

    Everything else should be pretty much working.
    Fixed the problem, we're booting again. I'm setting up automated builds right now so people can watch the development progress.
    The nightly builds are by no means usable as daily drivers though.
    The next snapshot build has a few changes worth mentioning:

    • Tre3g/Tre3gxx (N910H) is officially supported by now. No need to change the updater script anymore.
    • Bluetooth should be fixed. I was able to transfer files via OBEX push withing a range of 10 meters without any issues.
    • The force close of the camera app has been fixed. This would occur when you tried to switch between the front/back cameras.
    • Upstream Linux kernel 3.10.85
    Ok, still battling the RIL, but at least that's on Lollipop now ;)
    Everything which was working on cm-11 now works on cm-12 as well.
    Fixed microphone and NFC, and closing in on GPS as well.
    I'm done for the night though, will see if I manage to put up a new alpha tomorrow (with working phone calls hopefully).
    The patches are here: http://review.teameos.org/ (open and merged sections).
    The Gerrit instance serves as a platform to contribute and share fixes for us, so if you have any ideas, feel free to push something :)