[N910F] Note 4 new battery keeps on restarting, does not turn on

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Jan 27, 2012
Hello all,

As my trusty Note 4 which I've had for over a year gave signs of low battery life (lasting only 3-5 hours on a full charge), I decided to pick up a new replacement battery.
I purchased it from a renowned retailer, it is an original battery with the plastic packing and everything. Made in Korea, Assembled in Vietnam.

The problem is, I inserted the battery and the phone won't turn on. I put the charger in as I though it was discharged. While on charge it turns on perfectly and I can use it. As soon as I remove the charging cable it shuts down after 1 sec. After that when I try to turn it on it keeps restarting, won't get past the Note 4 logo.

My phone is rooted, with TRWP recovery and Emotroid 6.0.1 ROM on it.
Could this be a software issue? I can power it up just fine in download mode, but recovery does the same as normal boot up.

Thank you


Senior Member
Aug 28, 2011
I second the vote for bad battery. I had the same situation with a replacement battery. If the phone is turned off and connected to the charger, the charging image pops up briefly, closes down and then pops up again repeatedly. All my other batteries charge normally in the phone. There are too many bogus parts on the internet. Other than buying directly from the manufacturer I don't know of any way to be sure what I am buying is genuine.


Senior Member
Aug 22, 2012
Yep....deffo a battery issue. I got a new battery for my wife's N4 direct from Anker. The same as I have done for every phone I've ever needed a new battery for. NEVER had any problems with Anker batteries....
This link takes you to the Anker website, but to buy the battery, the website will redirect you to the Anker store on Amazon.
Stay WELL away from eBay, even if the seller states 'genuine' you can pretty much guarantee that the offered battery has never seen the inside of a Samsung battery factory.
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