[N910G/F/T]Norma N7 Port V12/ Aurora N7 V5

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Jul 21, 2010
So I seem to be having issues when I need to go to settings and "enable service accessibility." I get an error saying that:

"c locker does not support the current system language. The text-to-speech language will be set to null, but this might cause unexpected behavior."

My current system language is English though.


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Oct 10, 2012
Guys is there any fix for the GPS app search by wifi and data ? I can get location on the GPS antenna but if I'm at home no location , I flashed some GPS fix zip I found on this thread but no go , I am on Aurora 4,1

I tried Aurora V5 but with emotion kernel I was getting random reboots , and I hate that , the reason I'm using emotion kernel is because of the tap to awake and the battery life , any one know another kernel that supports tap to awake ?

Thanks in advance

note 4 -910W8 aurora 4.1 AOD?


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Jun 28, 2012
Some people are publishing roms in Snapdragon Section modifying Norma Rom and adding some Nagout apps and claiming the rom developed by themselves and providing wrong information about base and security patch. But, unfortunately, they didn't have knowledge how to remove Chinese characters in Touchwiz Launcher, which make it conspicuous that rom base is not what they have claimed. They are advised to mention the correct information for people.
So finally drama is OVER ...

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Nov 17, 2008
After changing my build.prop to S7 Edge I am unable to access Samsung Galaxy Apps fully. I get error messages stating "Your device or country is only available for limited service", when I switch back to Note 7 build.prop I don't get the error, but I cannot download anything.

Any help?

To fix Galaxy Apps' limited service, you need to edit the others.xml in /system/csc and remove values between the following:



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Jan 16, 2009
Norma C9 Port V3:
*Update C9 latest official C9000ZCU1APL3
*Added Note7 camera porting (tested a few modes, working fine)
*Support lock screen case double-click to wake up the camera
*Added privacy mode support
*Open the interest rate screen to remind support (open the screen to remind the brightness adjustment is invalid, *close the screen brightness adjustment is normal)
*The info screen reminder needs to close the layout display notification in order to display normally
*Retain all the features before

# U will have a pink theme in the beginning.. don't be scared.. change to to default from theme settings....

Note: All Credit to Norma Team for their Dual Sim base rom. If anyone here on xda thinks that his any file has been used by Norma Team in the rom, can PM me for mentioning his credits.

Download Norma C9 Port V3:
Click here

Gdrive Mirror
Hi can I flash it on N9100. I need a fully translated ROM. the Chinese ROM is still having lot of stuff in Chinese. If I can't flash directly whats the method to flash your translated ROM non N9100

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    I have not developed this rom and all credit goes to Norma Team. Norma Team had developed it for N9100 dual sim device which I further have cooked it on 910G g1 base. Here is the Norma Forum. U can't register there unless you have Chinese ID Proof. My purpose of sharing it is only that we all can enjoy bug free N7 Port

    *The Rom is fully stable with all features working nicely i.e, torch, photo editor etc.

    What modifications are done to get it working on 910G/F
    *Base changed to 910G G1, So, flash on G1 BL
    *All Chinese apps, Content,mods and restrictions(CSC restrictions to use any other gapps and much more ) removed
    *Gapps included from opengapps.org
    *5 Way menu translated to English
    *Translated Framework
    *Norma Rom Control Translated
    *Keyboard Languages enabled as these were not unavailable
    *kernel credit goes to @Hani.k . although Emotion kernel v25 also works on it
    *N910F users advised to flash 910f kernels to get wifi working

    How to flash:
    *910G user to flash directly from twrp
    *910F users to flash above mentioned kernels also (see Post 2)

    AOD(partially works) and Fingerprint
    Volte not yet working

    Norma Team
    @Hani.K for kernel. Find kernel and Source Code here
    Rest Norma Team may tell

    Latest Norma Note 7 Port:
    Norma V12

    Aurora Note 7 Port V5:

    Aurora Note 5 Port V5:

    Norma C9 Pro Port V9:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [N910G/F/T]Norma N7 Port V12/ Aurora N7 V5, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    singhking83, KeTuRr74
    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2016-09-09
    Last Updated 2017-03-20
    Norma N7 PortV11
    1) Update the latest official N9100ZCS1DPJ1 bottom package
    2) Fix all Bluetooth headset problems including watch links
    3) Update the 7.0 drop-down style
    4) Update the 7.0 setup style
    5) Update the 7.0 Enabler
    6) Repair the interest rate screen to remind the touch function (you can click on the message prompt to remind the news screen)
    7) Power optimization framework

    Norma Team, @Albe95, @Hani K.

    Norma N7 Port V11
    Mediafire Download
    Mega Download
    Here are my the datafixes i have made so far for AURORA Note 7 6.0.1 Marshmallow Roms .
    These datafixes have been test and confirmed working with both RECEIVING and SENDING voice - data - sms -
    If your MMS doesnt work its your APN settins, google or ask someone how to change your APN settings.

    the following datafix are for the following N7 phone models:

    910F = aurora_N7_datafix_N910F_alpha4.zip (International )
    910F Users also should use this kernel https://mega.nz/#!rAlGXJjb!sfygQXpvjdqVCY_mO1jT-NFQWTluLmC6QB39BMQ-JPg

    910G = aurora_N7_datafix_N910G_alpha4.zip ( International )
    910G users should use this kernel https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=60137

    910T = aurora_N7_datafix_N910T_alpha4.zip ( TMobile , T- Mobile )

    910V = aurora_N7_datafix_N910V_alpha4.zip ( Verizon )

    910P = Sprint users, i am looking for testers refer to this post

    Step1 Fullwipe This is a MUST, If you DID NOT DO A FULL WIPE then don’t complain that it didn’t work.
    Step2 Install Rom
    Step3 Install Correct Kernel
    Step4 Install Correct Datafix (files attached below)
    Step5 Reboot
    Aurora N7 Port V4.1

    Aurora N7 Port V4.1

    Aurora V4 Changelog:
    Official bottom package updated to PJ1 version, NOTE7 bottom package updated to ZCU2BPJ4 version
    2. Completely repair the browser may change color problem
    3. Fix the problem that Adapt Sound does not work
    4. Remove all iris related options
    5. Add NOTE7 five grid signal display, the status bar style 100% consistent with NOTE7
    6. New status bar memory display (the previous behavior is available, the next line of all), support for details of custom (fonts, colors, etc.)
    7. New status bar date display, and support for details of custom (fonts, formats, colors, etc.)
    8. Completed the missing library files, improve system integrity
    9. Completed the missing part of the system procedures, improve system integrity
    10. Bluetooth driver updates to improve the stability of Bluetooth use
    11. System transition animation fine-tuning, speed up the animation speed
    12. Remove the NOTE7 latest official battery pack limit 60% of the tips
    13. Update most of Samsung's own programs to the latest version

    Aurora No.4.1 update:

    1. fix own handwriting input method will FC problem (do not switch the stylus style, do not support 32-bit models)
    2.DVFS control optimization, reduce power consumption
    3. Force GPU rendering to improve game performance
    4. Increase the missing SPEN setting options
    5. Repair part of the oil-fired flashlight can not be closed after opening the problem
    6. The WIFI signal continues to be enhanced
    7. Update the latest supersu
    8 update comes with the current official app to the latest version
    9. To provide a screen to remind the patch (brush into the impact of automatic brightness adjustment, to the set - Display - screen prompts off)

    1. Translated everything again
    2. Chinese junk apps removed
    3. CSC folder totally changed and a few 'etc' folder changes concerned with hotspot and other data related files
    4. Reboot Menu New Icons thanks @danivancouver
    5. Updated google services and play store apps added...
    Much More........

    Note: On first boot, you will get 'google services have stopped' pop up. Just go to Settings>Applications> Google Services. Turn On all permissions there.

    Aurora N7 Port 4.1

    Download Aurora 4.1

    AOD Pack:
    Aod Pack
    Norma N7 Port V9.3

    Note4 Full N7 Norma V9
    Changelog by Norma Team:
    V9 update: based on the latest N9300ZCU2BPJ4
    1) Exclusive Fix of N7 Always On Display (little bit automatic brightness compromise)
    2) Fixed Bluetooth headset no sound problems
    3) Album using S Version prevent chaos phenomenon appears
    4) Repair wifi hot issue
    5) Repair adapt sound problems
    6) Fixes the problem two-dimensional code browser
    7) Fluency upgrade
    8) Fixes some minor issues other machines appear

    1. More than 45 keyboard languages already added (try downloading others if works)
    2. Stock browser with English Home Pages now

    3. Keyboard in Normal style (liberated from CHC style)
    4. Hopefully no trace of any Chinese content anywhere now (Don't use Date view in status bar)
    5. All apps translated again (framework, service.jar, systemui, Norma settings and 5 of its associated apps)........









    * Bluetooth works fine (at least for me and connected for last 20 mins)
    * Advance Reboot Menu: Emergency mode Menu Removed and data toggle added
    *All missing features added in dialer (video call buttons in dialer and contacts, call forwarding etc)
    * S Pen translator works from Google instead of Baidu

    Norma 9.3:
    *Languages Downloading works
    *Power saving toggle works
    *Bluetooth Fine with gear

    Norma 9.3 Link
    Download Norma 9.3

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