N985F network issue (error while searching for networks)

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Hi everyone!
I have a Note 20 Ultra (N985F) Exynos variant.
My mom bought it for me without knowing it is a live demo unit. When she bought the phone it was working (network and data) but it was on Android 10. I started getting suspicions when i tried to update and it said "failed to register". I wanted to check the imei codes on the back and there's when i found out it is a LDU. I flashed Dr.Ketan's Android 11 ROM and i lost all network functions and when i try to search for network it says "Error while searching for network" so i flashed a stock Android 11 firmware from SamMobile but the issue still persists. I think i f****d up the EFS, don't know yet. I didn't have the mobile data toggle in the quick settings panel but after deleting the files in the EFS folder it got back. I have a little clue of what's happening here but i don't know how to solve it. When dialing *#0011# the imei status is "NG". Don't know if Chimera tool or Z3X will solve it by payching imei certificate (i don't have a license for those programs so that's why i'm asking before buying one). Will flashing pit file solve my problem? Will flashing a combination rom fix the issue? If not, how can i solve it? (P.S: wifi calling works, but i don't have any other type of cellular network)


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Nov 6, 2007
Mate, the Nore 20 ultra is model number SM-N986B. The fact yours is 965 is the reason you aren't getting updates...
Unfortunately, short of unlocking bootloader (and even that is not assured), you can't just flash to a normal stock rom.