N9860 - Unlocking LTE band 17 in Canada?

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Feb 12, 2021
I'm thinking about getting an N9860 since it seems to be the cheapest Snapdragon option for a Note 20 Ultra.

This phone appears to support all the necessary bands for my carrier (Koodo) in Canada except LTE band 17. I live in a big city so this low-ish frequency band will be important for reception in areas with building density.

I've seen discussions around changing the CSC to potentially unlock additional bands, but I'm having trouble understanding whether that means all Snapdragon models support the same bands.

Could anyone provide clarification about this? Has anyone managed to unlock band 17 on this HK/CN model?


Dec 9, 2010
AFAIK, you can not unlock bands. I'm in Canada too but with Fido and Korean N986N. No band 17, but the reception has been fine so far aside from VOLTE and wifi calling not working.