Question Nameless AOSP Lemonade disappeared ?

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Oct 19, 2015

I was currently in the process of installing the Nameless AOSP rom on my OP9, but i saw that the Lemonade folder was missing on the Sourceforge download page, and only the Lemonadep was here?

Has anyone downloaded the latest release of the rom file, so that I could download it ?

Thanks !


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Mar 13, 2015
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from the dev himself

dude just gave up lol


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Nov 25, 2016
OnePlus 9
He didn't "give up". People are too dumb to follow instructions, he didn't wanna deal with it. I don't blame him. Get a Pro, you'll have nameless. 😎
See, here's the thing, he didnt give instruction at all. So people being dumb is kinda on him. He just repasted guides from lineage, that didn't even mention proper recoveries (u had to use a specific dated one or the process would fail)

I'm not saying people who gave him **** were justified nor was he wrong to stop. The maintainer can choose to do whatever they want and anyone thinking otherwise is being selfish, but let's not pretend he offered any instructions, he admitted to blind blinding OP9 the whole time off OP9 Pro.

And that is, by definition, giving up. Its also 100% ok and his call to make. It's perfectly ok for people to stop doing what they dont want to continue.

I hope hes still supporting OP9 Pro because his builds were great and wish him nothing but the best. Its just a ROM scene.
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