[Navbar] Soft buttons / Virtual buttons Solutions for HD2 or any other device

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Sep 4, 2009
Navbar / Soft buttons / Virtual buttons Solutions for HD2 or any other device


As our beloved device the HTC HD2 is getting older some of us might have or will encounter hard keys failure. The problem is, the back, home, search and option keys are almost indispensable for daily use.

My hard keys are still functioning but just in case I searched XDA and other site for solutions. Here are the possible solutions :

For devices running Froyo or Gingerbread / Android 2.2.x / 2.3.x (FY, GB)

1/ SoftKeys for ROOT USERS

Use SoftKeys for ROOT USERS (link)
But what I don't like about that app is that the soft keys are quite ugly.

2/ Alternative
I did a lot of research but there is no way to bring ICS nav bar (or something similar) to a GB rom at the time I'm writing.
The easiest alternative is to flash at least an ICS rom on your HD2 (like the one from Tytung) and use one of the methods proposed below :

For devices running ICS and above / Android 4.0.x and above (ICS, JB, KK)

Here are simple solutions that don't require flashing a .zip file but only ROOT (see the excellent Nand Toolkit for that purpose link))

1/ Soft buttons

Use the app "Soft buttons" CAUTION : it's permanent, the only way to remove the nav bar is to re-flash your rom link

2/ Ultimate Dynamic Navbar

Use the app "Ultimate Dynamic Navbar" (link)

3/ GMD Auto Hide Soft Keys

Use GMD Auto Hide Soft Keys (link)

4/ PIE Controls (LMT Launcher)

Use LMT launcher, this launcher integrates the famous "PIE Controls" from the paranoid roms (link). What I don't like about the soft keys is that they won't say when you don't use them. You have to swipe at the bottom or right side of your device to trigger them every time you need them.

Hope the above helped you (if that's the case hit the thanks button;) ).

If you know other simple ways, please share !

PS: I know there are other ways such as framework editing (for ICS and above) but they are quite complicated. They aim of that thread is to provide simple apk solutions.
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