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Navigation app for S4 mini

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Senior Member
May 17, 2015
San Diego
Hi everyone,
I am running the last stable release of cyanogenmod 13.0 on my s4 mini (added the 2016-04-18). I tried to install a navigation app to localize me and potentially use a route planner.
Here is my issue: I downloaded and installed the google maps app using an APK downloader, but this app doesn't work, as it seems to depend on the google play services package. So I tried with other navigation apps from the F-Droid repository: Navit and ZANavi (they are quite similar). But these apps don't work either.
Here is a solution that I found to make them work: I installed the opengapps (http://opengapps.org/). This makes google maps work (it is included), as well as Navit and ZANavi. But the opengapps package comes with a bunch of other app that I don't need and I would like to avoid installing it.
So here is my question: is there a navigation app that I can install on my device, without having to install the google apps package to make them work ? Or by installing a small additional package (free or proprietary) ?
Thanks in advance for you help !
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