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Sep 16, 2008
Version 3 and Version 4...omnia 7 mango Navigon seems to be unable to use the GPS?
GPS Satellite app from marketplace can use it just fine.What gives?
Any ideas? :)
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    We've discussed this in a few other threads already, but figured it was worth a separate topic, so here goes.

    As some of you are aware, a certain German carrier bundles Navigon Select with their handsets. Thing is, they only include maps for Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. That's obviously great for the fine people of these countries, but not so much for those of us living in other parts of the world and have imported a WP7 device from Germany.

    There is a rather simple solution to this. What you will need are the iPhone maps (version 1.7) for whatever country you are interested in, these come as an .ipa file which is basically the iPhone's equivalent of .xap - they open fine in your favorite archive utility such as WinRAR. I'm not going to go into detail of where to get hold of these maps as it is borderline piracy even if you do own the paid for iPhone version, instead I will assume you have the .ipa file accessible on your desktop computer.

    So, to start, make sure your WP7 device has been jailbroken using Chevron. Secondly, peform the registry hack to have your WP7 device show up in Windows Explorer. Once you've done this, install TouchXplorer onto your WP7 device as you will need it in a minute.

    Now, extract the maps from your .ipa file - they are located in a subdirectory named "maps" and named Once you've extracted the ones you need, simply drag them onto your WP7 phone in Windows Explorer - this will copy the files onto the device. (note - make sure Zune is not running)

    Once the files are copied, start TouchXplorer on your device and go into \My Documents\Zune\Content\0400\02\. Here you will find all the files you just copied onto the phone (note - they are now named 050.z or similar). Select the files and copy them. Now, navigate to the \Applications\Data\6F9CB464…..\Data\IsolatedStorage\map folder and paste the files. This will take a few minutes (depending on how many maps you extracted). Once finished, select each of the newly copied files and rename them to the correct filename, i.e.

    That's it. You now have all of these maps available to you in Navigon.

    The Navigon app is also available as an XAP from various places on the net, however I will not provide a link (not will I send you a link by PM) as I don't condone piracy. Using the iPhone maps as outlined above I do not consider piracy as I do happen to own these. Also, one could argue that since Navigon are so far not selling these for the WP7 line of devices there's no harm... although let's not discuss semantics :)
    Noone? Really? :-(

    It doesn't matter: I managed to download all the required files contained in filelist.xml by myself directly from the navigon server (simply point your browser to the address of the file and it will download it). Then I created a directory on my PC to spoof the original navigon server and put all the files into \o25\u\eu\wm_select (map, sound, data, all the ini and nfs files). In the map directory I put also the map of my country (, I'm italian). Then I adjusted the filesizes and names in filelist ( was missing).

    I edited my hosts file (windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) and I redirected the navigon server to my ip address (you need to add a line like this: "your ip" ), then I launched my personal webserver pointing to the directory I created and using port 80.

    Finally, I connected the phone and deployed the app. Navigon prompted me to download the additional data and began to donwnload them from my spoofed server.

    BINGO! The app works like a charm with my map!

    I really don't want to promote piracy: use the maps from the iphone version only if you bought them and don't blame me if this does not work for you: it worked for me (LG Optimus 7) and it can work, but I give no warranty.

    Now, it's time to work with sounds: directions for turns are in english and i want them in italian. Suggestions?
    ok.... now im confused... lol

    I have navigon 1.4 working at the moment...

    BUT, is it actually possible to have 2.1 working now??

    I have a mozart, im in the UK, and my carrier is Orange if that helps lol

    We (htc9420, wertzui and i) are working on the 2.1 version to get it running independant of your operator or location and with all features unlocked but it's not an easy thing to do as this version does a lot of checks.

    We will let you know when we have found out how to bypass all these checks.
    Some users asked me in private how to set up and configure a personal web server. This is beyond the intent of this thread (there are excellent guides throughout the web explaining in detail what to do). So, I'll simply report which software I used. You can find it here:

    together with a complete video tutorial. Use port 80 in place of the default port.
    I dont know exactly what is going on with the navigon server as it accepts some parameters and a day later it just does'nt anymore... :mad:

    For those who have had problems activating the previous version please try this package and i hope it will keep working now.

    Again Mobile Navigator 3.0 operator unlocked (at this moment at least.. I just installed it on my HD2 WP7 with a T-mobile Netherlands sim).