Question NE2215 C21 battery life much better

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Aug 24, 2010
Huawei Watch 2
OnePlus 10 Pro
No only kept using phone as normal
Fair enough, bare in mind that you'll have all the problems you had on your old bike and potentially new ones due to it being a different base.. similar as going from Windows 10 to 11 (although probably not as bad)

What I mean is that you can probably get more out of your phone if you were to wipe even now, your call buddy.
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Oct 30, 2020
Fair enough, bare in mind that you'll have all the problems you had on your old bike and potentially new ones due to it being a different base.. similar as going from Windows 10 to 11 (although probably not as bad)

What I mean is that you can probably get more out of your phone if you were to wipe even now, your call buddy.
Thanks man I will consider it.
I got a tip of using "Oxygen Updater" in app store. Already got C.22 through this app instead of waiting months for updates. Well recommended! 👍
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    Uhh, I don't know but does rooting fix or improve the battery life? How is it worth it? Any benefits you might wanna explain?
    Well... Where to begin....

    1. Apps,

    Swift back up, you can back up / restore apps in their absolute current state, eg: your stuck in a game, click back up, try - fail, restore app, to again from before you failed, also useful if you wipe your phone, this can be cloud survived synced.

    AdAway - true system wide ad blocking.

    Root access to your phones files and folders.

    Wifi kill - kick people off your WiFi your connected to, apps like this require root access, obviously for educational purposes ;)

    There's too many to mention but the sky is the limit here.

    2. Magisk modules, unlimited Google photos back up, block apps from seeing your rooted so you can still use them (banks etc)

    3. Customisation / mods, I've got a thread for moving your clock to the center instead of over on the left, looks a lot better tbh, there are other mods out there plus theming like substratum (haven't tested this too much but I've seen themes on other people's devices)

    4. Custom ROMs, GSI's, custom ROMs aren't yet available but GSI's are, you'll lose some things like fingerprint but you can have pixel experience running on your 10 pro which is nice, there's about 10 GSI's you can install.

    5. Knowledge, having a tweak is a great way to learn more about Android, it never ends, there's always something more you can do and make better, for me this is what Android is all about, by not rooting you're essentially using a closed source device, may as well get an iPhone.

    Lastly, it's a OnePlus device and they really don't care if you unlock the bootloader or not, I've returned 2 devices in the past with unlocked bootloader's and they just don't care, so it's risk free.

    This is a brief rundown of why I would root, bare in mind that this may not be around forever so get in there while you can.

    Least that's my thoughts on it.
    I am on the same version and it's gotten worse for me.
    I honestly think it's your apps buddy.. either that or maybe thermals or maybe extremely weak signal in some of your location.

    My money's on apps.
    That's really nice to hear, now you motivated me to root my device for the first time ever. I HAVE LEGIT NO CLUE AT ALL. LIKE I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHERE TO START. Should I just follow your guide or do I have to do something before that? Please guide me through this as I don't wanna break my phone :)

    Appreciate your time man!!! 🙏
    No worries..

    I'm in bed at the moment as it's 03:40 but will point you in the right direction.

    My guide does contain everything you need to do to gain root access...

    But before then you'd need to unlock your bootloader, there's a plethora of guides on how to do this in numerous threads in the 10 pro forum, have a look and familiarize yourself with the terminology.

    You'll need:

    1. Your phone charged to 50 or above to be safe

    2. Original cable.

    3. Windows 10 or above 10 preferred.

    4. ADB/fastboot files with the USB driver (found in my guide)

    5. But of patience and a willingness to pick up new knowledge.

    All the tweaks and changes you can make is superb but getting to it and back although not difficult dictates that you do know certain things or are willing to pick them up.

    Start by having a read and backing up your data, then go from there.

    Bare in mind that unlocking the bootloader will erase the devices content.
    Thermals - I live in a cool place, and my phone thermals are quite normal all the time.
    Signal Strength - I mostly use WiFi 5Ghz. I am a bit far from the router so like it's somewhat poor strength.
    SOT (right now) - I charged my phone to 91% yesterday and right now I am at 54% after 2 and a half hour of screen time (for the first time)
    Root (micro g)- Revanced is the same thing as vanced but it's like continuing the legacy of it as it no longer is supported. Actually, I might attach the github for it, if you're interested I will also attach a youtube video for your to follow and get the app. Micro g is used to actually set up my google account and connect it with youtube revanced. Other than that, it's useless for me. But here you go with all the files for it.

    Revanced -->
    How to install and set up the whole app -->

    Hope this helps :)
    Vanced still very much works mate. You should only be using micro G if you're not rooted.

    As for your WiFi if your router has 5Ghz then it almost certainly has 2.4 so split the channels instead of having the one smart one, just add 'Long range ' to the SSID of the 2.4 to differentiate between the two, your phone will use more power to grab the 5Ghz connection, same as it will if your mobile signal is weak... The battery impact can be significant.

    Are you using QHD or FHD? I'm using FHD because there's literally no difference, it's a 6"screen not a TV, go for FHD mate..

    Thanks for re-vanced but I have vanced working just fine, I just don't have automatic updates turned on, pointless as I choose what i want when I need it.
    Yeah no worries, I am using FHD also my phone is not rooted so I am using micro G and I switched to 2.4Ghz wifi option and will let you know if I see any difference.

    Thanks :)
    No worries buddy, use the like button 👍🏻

    Rooting is worth it btw, it's super easy too.

    Interested to see how you get on