Need a Case with keyboard


Mar 13, 2018
When the VK810 was newly released, I received one free when I upgraded to the LG G3. I wanted a case/keyboard and it had to be bluetooth. So Verizon had the ZAGG designed for the VK810 and at the time it was on sale from $99 down to $15. Snagged one and have been using it ever since. Battery life seems ok for what use I use it for. I rarely use my tablet for much, so the keyboard doesn't get much use either. But I can charge it and it will last for month of casual use. I saw the same case/keyboard combo on eBay a few months back for relatively cheap. It would fit any of the LG 8.3 tablets, except the ports for like speakers and I know the VK815 has the extra USB port on the top. So ports and buttons may not line up completely, but the tablet should fit.
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