Need Help About Starting My NEXUS S GTI 9250

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Feb 6, 2014
Hi All Dearest Developers
I have Samsung Galaxy Nexus S but the problem is that
the phone is stuck of on Google Logo and not going further
And hanging on the google logo
And also if I want to hard reset it , so from the bootloader i am selecting recovery mode
then it's also not going to the recovery mode. And phone starting normally and then hanging on GOOGLE Logo
and I download odin for it and it shows that device is connected( when I pressed the volume down button, then on screen appears downloading)
I have Samsung Galaxy Nexus S Model GT - I9250
then please solve my this issue
this phone is not rooted yet,
And also I dont want to upgrade android version of it , but I want to use my phone, Because my phone is not usable now,
So please guide me and solve my this issue