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Need help asap! 5.1.1 ofe

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Aug 11, 2015
So basically I rooted my Sprint S6 5.1.1 OFE before I realized there wasn't a stock rom online for it. Two weeks later, fast forward to yesterday night, I end up soft bricking my phone trying to modify some code in "Build.prop" folder. The only thing I can think of that will fix this is a rom running OFE. Could anybody give me a solution or, better yet, a link to a rom to help me and fellow un-rooters? This will be greatly appreciated because right now I have no working phone.

P.S. Me being an idiot, I didn't install TWRP
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    Yeah, you'll just have to take the OTA update since OFE tar isnt available yet. You just can't Odin a lower Android version, say back to OE2 [5.0 from 5.1]

    I heard it wasn't possible and i just tried it and its safe to say that you sir are my savior. Thank you soo much!!!!