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Need Help, Been struggling for 2 months now

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Mr. Jxhn Crxw

New member
Jan 20, 2017
Google Pixel 4
I bought a Google Pixel 4 from Mint mobile on April 13th and got it April 17th. When I first received the phone and put the sim card in, it gave me a prompt saying that the device was sim locked to Verizon. After messaging Mint telling them that they sent me a sim locked phone and that I needed a prepaid shipping label to send it back and get a replacement, they have yet to send me one, and to this day I still haven't received one.

I contacted Verizon and they told me that on their end the phone isn't sim locked, and that they cant do anything else because I need access to the business account it was tied to before, which clearly I don't have access to.

I contacted Google tech support as a last resort to see if they could help me, but they didn't really do anything other than send me an email to show to Verizon, but I just got off the phone with Verizon and they told me they cant do anything with that.

I tried going onto Mint Mobiles website to request a refund, but the phone isnt even selectable on the options for the refund.

I thought maybe they put the wrong OS on the phone after resetting it, and maybe that I could flash it and put another one on their, but the phones boot loader is locked and I can't toggle OEM unlocking in the settings.

What should I do?


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Apr 10, 2023
It is a PAIN in USA to sim unlock from major carriers , if you are not original owner with an active plan.
(ATT, Verison, others)

I would b1tch like you mean it to Verison .
Straight up tell them , if the phone was paid off by original owner and and is not stollen,
why will they not unlock it?
( do they want you to get an account, and then wait another 5 months to unlock ???)

I bough Canadian phones before without previous owner sim unlocking them.
Just called the company, and they unlock within a few minutes ( always polite too :)