Need Help Bootloop on LG G7

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Jul 1, 2009
@Wekkel: The SIM-in SIM-out method every 2 seconds described on pg. 16/17. Just make sure to disable PIN and use a non-T-Mobile SIM (including other companies using T-Mobile network; Vodafone worked just fine). Then, updated the FW without any SIM inside.
Note: It didn't work with a SIM with PIN...until I disabled the PIN.


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Apr 3, 2010

I can confirm that this works.

1. Put device in ‘download mode’

2. Charge device 40-60 min if empty

3. Meanwhile, download and install ‘LG Bridge’

4. When charged: Start Bridge and connect phone with USB in ‘download mode’

5. Perform sotfware update with LG Bridge

Download of the update is about 3GB so that could take a while. I did not perform a hard reset before applying the update. All my data/ apps are still there after the update.

Problem solved.


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Dec 6, 2018
Hi everyone, I tried to install the Firmware Update overnight, but the download screen looks frozen on 0 %. Is there a step I'm overlooking? Thanks in advance!


Mar 31, 2018
I'm not really sure what you mean with this! If I press the + button while starting the phone, it immediately will jump on the firmware update screen.

I just saw on T-mobile forum Netherlands the OTA is available so you can skip the LG Bridge part and just follow the update procedure on the phone. Does that work with you? (I even think I saw you on the forum there, so I will continue there)
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Jan 8, 2006
Update on T-Mobile forums:

David T-Mobile Moderator

Hey everybody,

Here again an update and we would like to let you know that we have found a definitive solution to the problems with the LG G7 Thinq!

After our call earlier this week, several users sent their device to our service center to have a repair carried out. The first devices have already been fully restored and are on their way to their owner.
In most cases this is also done with data retention.

We advise everyone who still has problems with his or her device to register the device as quickly as possible for repair. We also want to ask users again not to work with a so-called 'hard software reset'. There is a chance that data will be permanently deleted.

The software update of December 3rd (V10p) is now also available over the air and 100% safe. Users who receive a notification can do this update best. They do not have to send the device.

All devices that are offered to us (via the sales point or the customer service) are still treated with the highest priority, nothing has changed!

We will let you hear from us as soon as there is an update to share!

Translated via Google translate
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Jun 12, 2010
Hello guys,

just had the issue, I have a HK G7 but I'm in Switzerland, dual sim, with software version v10f

I managed to make it start again, but what should I do to prevent the issue?

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Nov 15, 2015
Please I need immediate help.
I had pie 20b with bootloader unlocked and root with magisk.
I updated to 20c and tried to reflash the boot.img as I had done before just to install magisk.
Now the phone is stuck in LG logo, not rebooting.
The big problem is I cannot turn it off. It just doesn't.
If only I press power+Vol Down it just reboots. But no matter how much time I keep the Power, it doesn't go off.
Please help

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    Not much longer till 5th of December :D

    I posted a solution where you can flash another country firmware, which should fix the bootloop issue and get your phone working again since it is only being bootlooped by a faulty update, see:
    An update from a Youtube post (I can't read Dutch):
    English: Of course it's very annoying that these problems have arisen. We've given the highest priority finding the cause and the solution. On Saturday morning LG has been informed of these problems with the LG G7 ThinQ and we immediately started an investigation. Today, too, we are working in Korea and Europe researching this problem to find a solution. Unfortunately, at this time we are not yet able to indicate when a solution can be provided , "says Jeroen Peeters, Manager Engineering at LG Electronics Benelux.
    Yes, I know... But can we all have defective SIM card reader or something? I don't think so.... It is probably a software problem made by T-Mobile's bad coding for LG G7 compatibility which caused 1000s of bootloops here in Europe... I think this is software, other carriers work normally and only T-Mobile and T-Mobile based networks cause bootloops... I mean, it all worked before that bug... As you can see, all bootloops started in 5-6 hours range and it is not possible that everyone's SIM card reader stopped working at the same time... It can be T-Mobile or hackers, who knows? But I doubt it is hardware problem...
    Okee, T-mobile Netherlands finally gave a reaction inside their forums. They are supposedly waiting for an update from LG that can be installed by removing the simcard and give the device a factory reset. When you do'nt want to do that yourself, you can sent the device in for repair. I would'nt do that, they will take the same action you can take at home only you wil loose your device for several weeks.

    I think it's really disturbing that a moderator chooses to give a reaction on a forum after more than 24 hours. And T-mobile keeps blaming LG for this where it only happens to simcards that run over their own network. It's all a big f*** you to the customer.
    Okay so i practically performed that harakiri (factory reset). Now, will the sim **** up my galaxy s7 edge? Or is it safe to use it there?

    Problem is on way G7-T-mobile , so s7 i safe to use