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Need help fixing TWRP port build/porting OrangeFox recovery

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Aug 26, 2021
My device is Galaxy A9 2018 (SM-A920F.) The phone isn't currently officially supported with custom recovery. However, we have managed to port one (3.5.2_9.0) from Galaxy A8 Star (SM-G885F) (having the same SDM660 and screen resolution) but it has many errors: uevent not root, error creating fstab, can't open /data (permission denied), can't recognize SD card/USB-OTG, internal storage recognized but can't access the files inside, can't change brightness and time.
Also, if anyone can do this, please try to port the OrangeFox recovery of A8 Star to our device as well.
Below are the ported twrp build for A9, stock recovery of A9 and OrangeFox Recovery of A8 Star
Thank you.


  • twrp.tar
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  • stock_recovery.img.tar
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  • ofa8star.img
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