Question Need help for my OnePlus 9 pro T-Mobile conversation to EU. or stock

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Recently i convert my OP9P to Indian Firmware.
but now i want to back to Stock or EU.
everytime i try to flash Using MSM it's says it says "unsupported target IN"
i tried lottools. everyMSM says this.
only i can flash Indian MSM and TMO_MSM(IN-EU_Return-to-Stock).zip.
when i flash TMO_MSM(IN-EU_Return-to-Stock).zip it's boots well on T-Mobile stock but when i try to MSM TMOB to EU it's says "unsupported target IN"

please help........!!!!!!!!
Your TargetID IN will never change until someone finds a fix. When you run the tool I gave you, uncheck the SHA256 and check Use Lite Firehose.
Screenshot 2023-01-30 193249.png


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Feb 11, 2009
OnePlus 9 Pro
if you are indeed a TMO OnePlus 9 Pro LE2127 with Unsupported TargetID IN, then what I am about to give you a link for EU should work. Try first with default settings and if that doesn't work try with SHA256 unchecked and Use Lite Firehose checked. By all rights this should work to get you on EU firmware!


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    Give me a little while and I will give you a link for T-Mobile modded MSM Tool. Your phone at this time will not change from the Indian variant targetID IN.
    I'm happy to say I have fixed it.

    By flashing this file.
    After flashing this file. I got this but with working sim network

    Then I decided to OTA's update.
    And I just updating and updating


    I got total of 5-6 updates. And sometimes I lost the SIM network you can see on Screenshot. But when I updated my phone into A12 I saw some interesting 🤔

    My phone on Global LE2121.
    But before updating it's was on previous issue LE2127. Then I just updating. After some times I lost sim card😭 but I'm just keep updating. At last I got latest Oxygen OS 13, F18 update. After update I got working sim network even 2SIM.🤣😂

    Thanks for your support bro. I really appreciate you. Thank you soo much. I think I should connect you with Telegram if you don't mind.
    Thank you soo much