Need help ROG 2 bricked?

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Sep 29, 2022
Hi guys, i need help with my ROG Phone II CN ver
the other day, i was downloading stuff from PlayStore, just regular app, and suddenly it shuts off.
Then i turn in on again and it stuck on the ROG logo forever.

I force shutdown and try again, still stuck.
Then i boot into fastboot, and try to access the recovery mode, no avail, when i choose recovery mode, its also stuck in ROG logo

Now, i already try flashing raw both CN and WW and doesnt work, the result is FAILED. I've downloaded bunch of raw firmware and seems like AFT can't flash my phone.

Next i try the EDL method using the XiaomiFlash, it works and give a green success sign, BUT when i turn on the phone, STILL STUCK ON LOGO

I've try using another PC and still cant get it work.

Now i dont know what to to anymore. Can anyone help before i finally have to get this to the service center.

Is the NAND (UFS) broken? or anything else i can do?

FYI the phone still "works" like charging and even detecting normal/quick charge.

THanks guys