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Need help rooting coolpad legacy 3705A. Can't find any info anywhere.

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My phone is facing heavy NAND corruption, causing frequent system, app and kernel crashes, and could completely die at any moment. Due to this, I will be moving to either the Redmi Note 8 Pro forums or the OnePlus 7 Pro forums. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to make any decent headway in rooting this device, but's those are the perils of having one of the latest versions of android with minimal known Exploits that could lead to a root shell or any type of useful privilege escalation honestly.

I wish you all the best, and I hope you get your phones rooted.



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Feb 2, 2017
Root Coolpad legacy framework res

If there is anyone that has a rooted Android Coolpad legacy 3705a would you please copy the framework-res file and upload it for me?
I can't root my Coolpad. But im sure there is a genius out there that already has.


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Jan 15, 2016
Just checking back to see if anyone ever got any ware with this I finally have a working computer again so i can help more again and if I can help in anyway plz let me know


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Mar 19, 2019
Hello folks. I have used kingroot in the past to root some older phone. I have yet found an easy way to root the coolpad legacy cp3705a. Its been a very long time since I have used any sudo commands. Forgot most commands. If anyone could perhaps assist would be awesome. Thanks


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Jun 21, 2018
Some SDM450 loaders have been released, i had tried some of them but did not get them to load. Does anyone have jtag pinout or a working loader?

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    Well let's see you do something there buddy, obviously you're the expert on the subject.

    Cracking enterprise level security isn't just clicking a button. and you ain't paying me. I have a stack of phones and other devices to work on and other more pressing things to do with my life. So, kindly, take your opinion and shove it, root will be released when it's released.
    What methods are you trying I just got this phone yesterday and I don't Wana waste time trying stuff ppl have tried and confirmed doesn't work

    + First, I tried all the generic one click crap(KingRoot, Kingo, Etc.) as always since it's a Chinese phone.
    + Tried a few gray area tools like MiracleThunder, Uni-Android tool and such, come up empty handed.
    + I've tried every firehose from similar hardware available and they all seem to be fruitless ruling out EDL mode.
    + Fastboot is available but actively refuses commands.
    + OEM Unlock is a dummy toggle.
    + Hidden activity for "The Factory Upgrade" I haven't looked so much into, as like recovery it's probably looking for a signed zip.
    + CVE-2019-2215 and CVE-2019-10529 are dead ends, seems the kernel was patched correctly. Any older exploits e.g Dirty Cow variants outright fail as it has kernel 4.9+

    Other notes: The ROM is buggy as hell, so they messed up somewhere I just haven't found it yet.
    Still waiting on new exploits. I haven't forgotten about this. :)
    Picked up one of these today, we just started working on it a few minutes ago, I'll post the method once done. This could be hours, days, months, who knows, We do have fastboot and the Coolpad Kit from elsewhere on the forums so it shouldn't be hard. But we are working on it.
    I remove EMMC read boot.img and recovery.img

    Who can make a twrp