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Need help - switch from xz1 compact to s20 fe

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Jan 30, 2011
Hi everybody,
I am struggling with smart switch to transfer data from my old lovely xz1 compact (Android 9) to a brand new s20 fe (android 11).
I used the smart switch tool from Samsung, but I notice that the following is missing when the transfer process is over:
- phone parameters are not transferred (Bluetooth, wifi, home screen image...)
- apps are all starting as if it were a new install (data app are not transfered or not usable by the app?)

If any of you can help to get back my apps on my new device, it would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Note that I tried also to make the app transfer on a Galaxy tab s2.. same issue.


Feb 3, 2021
unfortunately that'd be quite difficult, atleast the apps.
the only way I can think of copying the app data is opying the userdata partition, but that presents an issue;
they're installed on different versions so it'd be unlikely that they would work right if you copied the data partition and you need root for that too.
the settings are the easy part, atleast wifi is, modern phones allow you to present a QR code to scan and connect to the network, use that. for bluetooth you'll have to onnect manually and the wallpaper is also saved under /system/data/ so unless you have the original image you need root access