Question Need help to Convert SM-F936U/DS ATT Fold 4 to Indian Fold 4 version?

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Apr 1, 2023
Unfortunately I have the same problem !! do you find any solution my friend ?

Can someone please help on enabling 5g in the same model. Myjio app says the device is not 5g compatible. Checked almost every csc, xaa (unlocked) csc shows 5g option but still not getting 5g connected. Any lead would be appreciated. Also if anyone knows on how to switch csc to INS?
Tmb work for me and 5g is also working perfectly

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    I would say just start going through the different csc that's how I got mine to show the new up date then I just went back to gfc
    There is no way I could find online to get the updates. Nothing works. The only way is to have US sim and be connected to AT&T network in US to get the update which is impossible. So I guess we are stuck with the old os version.
    I would say just start changing csc until it comes up that's how I got mine to show then January update and then I went back to GFC
    Not gonna happen without root, even then might be difficult.
    The Indian model is a F936B model. Trying to flash the firmware on it is like trying to flash IOS on an android.
    Did see a way to change CSC in the forum however I believe you needed to have the compatible variant as it needed the OXM ROM flashed 1st.
    I got it carrier unlocked. Everything works fine in India with major carriers, even getting 5G to work here. Attaching screenshots of DevCheck

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    Seems genuine. Your mention of a May update threw me.

    It is running the F936USQU1AVGA firmware which it was launched with and therefore, has never received an update.

    However, it is still a bootloader locked model, even though you have it carrier unlocked. The only way to update it is to insert an AT&T SIM card and connect to their network in the US. Other than that, you will need to do a search to see if there are any custom ROM's that utilises the locked AT&T bootloader. Alternatively, just carry on using it as it is
    So I am using AT&T version Zfold 4 model SM-F936U/DS in India and my software version is as follows:

    Build number

    Service provider software version

    Its stuck on android 12 May update.

    I want to flash Indian firmware to make it Indian version of Z fold 4 for faster updates and enabling the call recorder.

    What do I need to do? Any help will be appreciated. If this is answered anywhere please provide links to that thread and I will delete this one.

    I am totally confused about CSC, firmware version, carrier version etc.
    Is UI 5.1 released for sm-936U /DS?
    Yes, One Ui 5.1 has been released for the USA model SM-F936U, which is a single SIM device. See...