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Need Help with Soft Brick

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Apr 17, 2015
Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
Need some guidance on this one. Went through trying to root my Note 4. Upgraded from 4.4.4 to 5.1.1 after all this time waiting. From there, continually hitting soft bricks (referring to endless boot loop in regards to soft brick) and a lot of the issue I believe to be my battery. However, was originally able to flash the 5.1.1 FW (N910VVRU2BPA1_N910VVZW2BPA1_N910VVRU2BPA1_HOME.tar.md5) and the brick would be remedied. At this point however, the note just goes into a endless boot loop where only thing it displays is the "Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Powered by Android" splashscreen (Never displays the oval samsung or verizon splashscreens) and vibrates twice as the screen display goes off for about 3 secs and pops back up with the same screen over again. At this point, the only thing I have found to remedy this is the Verizon Software Update program, which instantly updates to 6.0.1 (newest FW). This wouldn't be an issue, with the exception that the 5.1.1 FW still puts the phone into the soft brick state. Anyone have an idea why the FW is now putting into a brick and how to fix the issue so I can downgrade successfully?

In case it matters, to get the Verizon program to work, I would flash "N910VVRU2BPA1_StockRestore.tar.md5" via Odin and from there, download mode would then populate a screen stating update failed and to utilize the program. Seems to be the only way to get it to be able to connect.

Also, with all that said, the one thing I have thought about doing, but haven't is re-partitioning with a PIT file. However, I have not come across any threads on re-partitioning the Note 4 and those that refer state not to. With that said, I wouldn't mind attempting it if someone else feels like it may work. If so, please lead me to a thread with instructions along with a correct PIT file in order to run through the process please.
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Sep 24, 2010
San Diego
hey man I'm actually running into a similar issue. Ran into it while attempting to Root via Kingroot on 5.0.1 I was following a guide, the phone rebooted on it's own during the process and didn't have any issues rebooting, but at one point I wanted to reboot and instead of pulling the battery like normal, I decided to press the reboot option in the power menu, bad idea, now I'm bricked and Odining PA1 is not allowing a proper boot... have you found a solution to your problem? maybe it would help me with mine

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well after a really long battery pull, its booting up for me, I hope you were able to resolve this issue