Need Info for Freegee Update

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Dec 13, 2009
Can the unlock method be tweaked in order for charging on stock kernel to work ok. The screen does not turn off completely when charging the phone shut down.

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Feb 4, 2007
i Upload the geehrc_open_cis E975 Software version: E97510b with freegee.

When i click Unlock my phone then downloaded Recovery CWM, boot, SBL1, SBL2, SBL3 and after i see error:

Error! boot md5sum mismatch. Aborting

Can some person help me ?



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Feb 27, 2010
Wait untill shelnutt2 will update the files on server.

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Apr 4, 2012
um... guys, does freegee support LG-E975 4.4.2 stock ? I rooted with towelroot. Please reply, thanks :)
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Aug 8, 2013
Please,if you can help me,

device name: geehrc_org_com,
software version: E97510f

I have upload yet an image of my system to try finding a compatible version. I,m waiting your help.
Thanks, is for orange spain new version implementing 4G.

Hi, did you found a solution for this device name? I have the same and it doesn't work... Thanks!


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Jun 11, 2007
I guess i'm 6 years too late :p I have a

with: E97520a

that was not supported by FreeGee. Image was uploaded but I guess no one would make a new version of it 6 years later. :D

Don't know if there's any other ways to unload this bootloader..

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    All you pesky non American's I need some info from you.

    1. Device (i.e tellus/rogers/korean S)
    2. ro.lge.swversion=
    3. Does current freegee boot.img work fine for you?

    If the answer to #3 is no, please upload a boot.img for me.

    For you e975 folks, support is coming, I'm reworking the entire backed to make future new device and version easier. Right now though I just need this info.

    Thanks in advance.
    Okay please read this carefully.

    Freegee has gone under a near complete rewrite in order to make it easier to add support for new varients and software versions. It's now a very simply process for me and doesn't involve updating the app anymore. This also will allow me to add newer and better recovories.

    That said this is a highly beta version. Lot of debugging code is still in there, I just need more people to test it. I've used it fine, but someone else soft bricked. I've tried to get people on irc to test so I can help in real time but alas I didn't get many offers at all. So I'm posting this here. Please though don't use this unless you know how to kdz/lgnpst back to stock. This might blow up your phone, until I get people to actually test it more than myself and skdubg did I can't know.

    EU and Korean kt_kr (180k) support is added! Candians are left out cause no one would give me your lgswverion build props :p

    edit: Also is F180L20L lgu_kr or skt_kr? I'm guessing lgu, but just want to verify.
    Okay It's updated and should work for all devices now, candians, e975, koreans.

    About the koreans though. I strongly strongly recommend one of you guys from each of the korean varients give me the ics sbl stack. You can use the Candian sbl stack like the e975 guys, but I'd much rather you used your own. I just need the files to make that happen! :)
    *sigh* Okay. I'll do it XD

    Mmmmk, "Sorry your software version is not currently supported, will attempt to upload boot image for support". I'm uploading it now. So this is ... good? I don't have to go through the whole KDZ restore process?

    Nope no need to kdz, since it didn't flash anything. The reason for the soft brick with the market version, is it only supports ics. I see you uploaded the jellybean boot.img, which would have been your issue. I've added support for it, run freegee again and you should be able to unlock. :)
    Hi Shelnutt2,

    I have an Australian (Telstra) LG Optimus G it is rooted however I cannot unlock the bootloader.
    I have tried FreeGee donate version I have also tried GooManager.
    FreeGee (Your device currently isn't supported).
    GooManager (No recoveries found on your device)
    Root checker says I have root access.
    When I type in su in Terminal emulator it says [email protected]:/ #

    Here are the details:
    Model Number: LG-E975K
    Android ver: 4.1.2
    Baseband APQ8064/MDM9x15M
    Kernel ver: 3.4.0
    Build Number: JZO54K
    Software ver: E975K10b-505-01

    Hope the info I have given you helps.

    Its most likely that your device will need an sbl swap like e975. However if you upload your boot.img through the freegee beta I'll add initial support to test.

    It should be noted until we can get a kdz file for your device I wouldn't try to unlock.

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