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Mar 11, 2008

I'm trying to recover my files once the screen is not responding (crash), but the phone is fully working (It boots, it works). I connected an USB keyboard to enter "settings" in order to arrive to "USB Debugging". On a working phone is quite simple. I used my new Xiaomi to memorised the number of "clicks" and keys I must push to arrive, but because Redmi note 6 PRO has not the last Android 10 versión (only 9) I guess that the menus are slightly different.

Considering the last "Official" MIUI for Redmi Note 6 PRO, could please anyone confirm how many Items do you have to arrive to?

- Additional settings (item 19 on menu "Settings" of MIUI 12)
- Developer options (item 10 on menu "Additional.." of MIUI 12)
- USB debugging (item 15 on menu "Developer..." of MIUI 12)

And after clicking on USB Debugging, do you have a warning message to bypass after 5 seconds?

Thanks ¡¡
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