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Need Some Help. Identifying/Changing Fingerprint on Asus Rog 5s

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New member
Oct 28, 2021
Hey guys not sure if this has been spoken about already or if this thread is still active.

I bought an Asus ROG 5s and from the start I've had the Hardware Stub Services Warning Notification.
so I downloaded HW Info to see what was going on and I'm having a problem trying to figure out what version finger print is.

When I'm in HW Info I click on system

the fingerprint says WW
the description says CN

when I click on description it says
The boot image is WW
The Vendor fingerprint is CN

so I'm guessing my phone was originally CN and has been flashed with WW.

I guess my main question is how can I get/ what do I need to do to get things on my rog 5s to all say WW

Am I able to just keep things different and download WW updates manually to keep my phone running smoothly or would that just cause more issues/ brick the phone.

Most of the guides I see are for ROG 3 or 2's and I haven't found much regarding the 5 or 5s and I cant seem to any files to even attempt changing things to begin with.

Any help would be greatly Appreciated thanks in advance.