Need Stock RUU Marshmallow for HTC ONE M8 DUGL (Dual Sim) European model

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Jan 1, 2017
Nancy, KY
Got it fixed...BAD CORD!!! It's always something....
I think this is the one that finally got both sims working. It took me months to find it. Let me know if it works for you. I think I had to load it by putting on a memory chip and loading it through boot loader. I had to rename it OP6BIMG and let boot loader find it. I have several that I tried, let me know if this works for you. As I recall, it took me several tries to get it right.

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    Hello i also need the RUU file where can i download it, please help

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    Hello can you please upload the file, link is down please help

    You can get it from here:

    I was looking around for days and till now I could not find any stock ruu file for my phone. I need a stock RUU HTC ONE M8 DUGL (Dual SIM), andorid version 6.0, sense 7.

    My HTC CID is CID__032 and running 6.0, sense 7.
    I thank you guys if you can help me.

    You can download it from here.
    I'm trying to flash but when the phone is reading the img file it says system halted ..... fail to update due to large image file.

    I think it is not the correct one.

    It is the correct one. :)
    The problem is that regular fastboot can't handle the file because it is too large.
    You'll need to use HTC's version of fastboot. You can find further instructions here. Skip the step for the RUU download there. That one isn't the correct one for you, and you already have the proper one downloaded. Also skip the *first you need this* part. You already have that stuff.

    An alternative would be to use the method to flash from your SD card.
    Rename the by removing everything in the name of it except for 0P6BIMG (and .zip of course) and place it onto your extSD (must be formatted to FAT32). Then boot to bootloader with the SD card inserted into the phone, and follow the on screen prompts (volume up to confirm the flash ~ power button to reboot after the flash is complete ~ super easy)
    If you use this method, be sure to delete the renamed .zip from your extSD. If you don't your phone will try to update again every time you boot to bootloader.

    Good luck!
    Thanks a lot man. It went perfect.

    I appreciate a lot.

    You're welcome. Glad I could help.
    I have downloaded this file:
    at least 4 or 5 times, from three different sources ( 1 cost $5) with no luck. Thanks to xunholyx at least I know what to look for but, so far, Archive manager can't open them and TWRP won't install them. My first method has been to stick it in /sdcard, do a twrp factory wipe and tell it to install but so far no good.

    If any of you know where I can get this file or suggestions about maybe where I should be looking or what I should be doing at this point, advice is always welcome. Thanks

    You can't flash RUUs with TWRP. You need to flash it in fastboot or use the SD card method. Look at post #4 for instructions.

    EDIT: Yes it's English