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Need to Wipe Samsung Chromebook 3 V.94.0.4606.28, 64 bit

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Jan 4, 2017
Crescent City, CA
I have an issue that I think calls for as clean of a wipe as I can do, and start again with Factory Settings. But I will take any advice anyone may have for me.

The problem I am having is caused, I've read, because I put it in Developer Mode when I first bought it. On powering on, I get the page that says OS Verification is "OFF". Then beeps twice, and flashes a black text box, but in upper, left corner. The screen disappears and the next screen appears. It happens fast enough that I can't read the text that may be an error code, I don't know.
That next screen just shows the Chrome logo, then onto the login, and then I'm in.

I read I could change the OS Verification to "on" but I can't because of the unknown text I mention above. I was able to update , but that didn't change the OS Verification screen, the message upper left still appeared, and verification still "OFF".

I did a Powerwash, but that didn't put it back to Factory Settings like I would like as I have thought about getting it cleaned off and giving it to a friend that has no computer. But first, I need to make sure it's actually going to work for her, as good as I can get it to work. I'm thinking the Developer Mode is the issue, and that loud beeping was the first thing that was driving me nuts on reboots. Then I started learning about the Developer Mode, and felt turning it off was best for the CB and I really don't need it. I don't need to side-load, or have it able to load "apps from unknown sources".

I guess I wrote a book, but needed to find someone that "gets" what I'm talking about because I looked all weekend for answers ;)
Thanks in advance for any help :rolleyes:

PS that text says something about "gbb.flag in nonzero read-only firmware, id google celes, then some #s and active firmware". That's just all I could get by powering down and up again and reading what I could each time ;(
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