Netflix for rooted ?

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And my chat from OnePlus tech support told me to update from 10 to 11 and that would correct the L3 to L1 issue... So like an idiot... Updated and nope still at L3.
What is most irritating is that OnePlus does not seem to acknowledge this issue. Also, like I asked OnePlus tech support why if this issue if corrected with the OOS10 to OOS11 update... Why is that not included in the release notes? Of course, I got no answer for that from OnePlus. Other manufacturers can and are acknowledging this so why can't or won't OnePlus?

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    Both, I keep getting an error saying it is not compatible with my device

    Strange that it don't work for you, working without a problem on my latest oos beta 7t.

    Have you tried latest builds from or try a older build and test

    Regards ysco..
    For me (European version) Netflix was pre-installed. In general: to see and install Netflix you need to pass SafetyNet. This means enabling Magisk Hide, clearing the data of the Play Store (then it should way "official device" in the Settings menu and maybe a patched custom kernel though I'm not sure if the latter is necessary. After that, I can see Netflix and also install it.
    1 - Make sure you're aren't tripping the safetynet test.
    2 - Make sure you have hidden magisk manager and magisk from detections

    If you still find netflix incompatible, clear data and cache of play store and Google play services and reboot.