Question Network standby battery drain exceeding 29% always P6P. Why?

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Apr 24, 2021
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I'm so tired of this conversation honestly lol. Until Google makes a better phone there's nothing we can do to fix it. Bugs can be fixed in s/w updates, but hardware components are the main issue. No matter how many times I change kernels or attempt to change system settings, battery life remains the same and sometimes worse.
For some, this could be a problem, too:

This is just dumb lol. I always use the camera independently instead of through an app.


Apr 16, 2021
Yeah unfortunately it the modem people. They used an very old less efficient on battery modem. Let hope and pray that the 7s modem is comparable to the iPhone 14 and S23 and all the other next gen phones

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    Regardless of network standby drain, or any other measurable metric, I find it hard to believe that 5-7 hr SOT isn't satisfactory batt life in the opinion of some.

    Would these people be happier if network standby was super low but SOT was less that 7 hours?

    I'm not sure why people get so bent about a device they can only use for 5-7 hours before they have to plug it in.

    Are people really on their phone 80% of an 8 hour work day? Or are there that many people who don't have access to an outlet or car charger after they leave the house?

    Is there some hidden shame to plugging a device in during lunch or a break to add 15% battery life for the longer 10 hr days?

    I get those who are nerded out by squeezing absolutely every available SOT minute they can from their device because it's a challenge to them, and they love tweaking every possible component... I was that guy at one time.

    To say that a device sucks and isn't worth the price voluntarily paid for it because it doesn't last an entire day without a charge just baffles my mind.

    Of course every person is allowed their opinion, for sure. I just don't get the basis behind some of the opinions.
    How can you find your phone satisfactory if you know that the same model for the same price lasts for someone else 30% longer?????? How is this acceptable tell me.
    Battery life is the most subjective topic there is. Take 100 different P6P owners and they'll use their devices 100 different ways. Half of them root, customize, use custom Roms or kernels, and run all sorts of mods.

    Then they'll compare their devices battery life and wonder why such a vast difference.

    Why do I find mine satisfactory even if someone else's device get better SOT or runs more efficiently?

    Because my device's battery lasts much longer than I need it to, it shines in the areas I need it to shine, and I have plenty of access to outlets, a car charger, or a battery pack if needed.

    I didn't buy a power supply, a TV , or a boom box... I bought an unlockable, rootable, customizable phone that more than suits my needs, and as an added benefit does a lot of other non-phone things that are cool and fun.

    If the P6P isn't your cup of tea, get the device that lasts all day without needing to charge. If your stock device is performing below the level of other's stock devices, snd you usage is identical, I'd get a replacement. If your device is used differently, responds differently than other's whose devices are configured differently, you're basically comparing apples and oranges.

    Not to mention these are highly sophisticated, intricately made, and technology packed very compact items. There are bound to be some that get past the QA process.
    Just checked my batt stats and at 60% I have 3:11 SOT, with mobile network standby at 22%.

    I regularly get 6 - 7 hours SOT by the time I hit 15-20% batt life remaining.

    Seems like pretty good SOT to me.

    factory image .36
    Despair Kernel
    Your SoT is definitely good enough, but damn man this standby drain is beyond good and evil. To lose roughly a fourth of the battery to a STANDBY drain in 24h is just, well, nuts.

    Maybe just to make sure: We are not talking about active drain from using 4G/5G, yes? We are talking about STANDBY drain here in this thread? So we are talking about a phone merely getting a background connection IN CASE the user wants to activate mobile data?

    It's clearly either a hardware issue or a software/android 12 bug.

    There are also several people on the "official" Pixel community site talking about their P6 Pros and an insane battery drain caused by mobile network standby, one of the threads as an example:

    Just to be clear, the 22% network standby isn't 22% of total battery capacity, it is 22% of the 40% of battery capacity I've used.
    I have 55% network standby drain. Mobile network disabled. Anyone want my pixel before I throw it off the roof
    But it's not affecting your battery. Do you really think if that 55% was a problem your phone would still be in your hands and not tossed over the roof?