Network Unlock TMobile OP8

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Jul 30, 2012
OnePlus 8
OnePlus 9 Pro
where is it can you help me , i really need to see that link and make sure it works . Thank you so much

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    though you bought it, are you a tmobile customer? I think if the phone is already paid off, and you use the phone on their network for at least 40 days straight, then you should qualify for an unlock.

    I got my TMo OP8 off Swappa and just requested the unlock code from the OnePlus website the day it arrived. It took 7 days literally to the minute to get my unlock code, which I hear is the norm.

    But also note that we're all talking about 2 different things: a bootloader unlock (which is what I did) and a carrier unlock (which is what OP was after, I believe).