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Oct 10, 2009
I bought a neutab air 7 new with lollipop and since opened I received ads in android OS and the ads could be anywhere for example open google play store, go to settings, after give password in lock screen to login the tablet, open an application and so on. Including I receive ads turning wifi off amazing with wifi off and continue the ads. What can I do to remove that ads? Of course the ads are not each second could be in 2, 5, 10 minutes is a random but is annoying.
I installed add dectector, Appbrain detector, Avast, ccleaner, malwarebytes and none of them detects any suspicious all is detected fine.

Note:Ads I mean in android system I don't mean when browsing. Including I never opened browser I just used VLC with some MP3 and videos and nothing else until now I did not browse.

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You may have received a unit that is infected with a particularly bad virus; you can tell by checking for a file called 'snowfoxcr' in Android/data folder (using a file manager).

You can also spot it if you see a process running (in Settings/Apps/Running) called SystemFQAD.

I bought a new NeuTab Air 7 from Amazon, and I had this virus in the machine when I received it. I have contacted Neutab as well as Amazon, and after one day have been contacted by another Amazon customer who is a developer and found the same exact problem.

Send an email to [email protected] and report it- it is possible that new units are shipping with this virus installed... The more people that contact them and report it, the better the chances that they take the report seriously.

Hope that helps you!
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Oct 13, 2016
Re installing firmware Neutab Air7

Hi. Has anyone tried to re-install the firmware for the Air7 from Neutab website?? I'm thinking about getting this tablet but I'm afraid it comes with these ads. Can someone confirm the problem may be resolved by installing it again?

This is the firmware:


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May 4, 2017
Fix Adds in Neutab Air7

Heres how to get rid of the adds in the Air7:
1. Root with KingoRoot (Might take a few tries.)
2. Download Root Explorer from Google Play.
3. Delete the folder /system/priv-app/systemfserver .
4. Reboot.
Adds gone! Just did it myself.