New App Idea for Security

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Apr 27, 2011
Dear All

it's been few months that I have been looking for an specific application on Android but I have not been able to find anything like it , so i was wondering if the community may know of such an app .

I Like to have an application that can Factory Reset my phone when I unlock the phone with a specific finger . So when i have the phone locked an in my pocket , but when i Unlock it using one of my fingers which i have set in the application previously , the application should be able to completely factory reset the phone without asking for any confirmation or password or passcode .

Let me explain more , The reason i'm looking for such an application is that I live in Iran and as you may know the situation is very bad and anytime you are in the street you may get arrested by the police and they always steal people phone from them and use the information in the phone against them . So with this app , if i'm ever arrested in the streets i just scan my finger and the phone is reset with no data .

I wish we can find or create such application .

thank you .