New apple CarPlay usb dongle for android headhunts and tablets.

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Jul 28, 2017

The above video is my review, i have it working great with my ownice c200 headunit. the usb seems to register that to the iPhone that it is a CarPlay device. the CarPlay UI apparently is stored and sent from the iPhone its self to the usb dongle and then sent to the android app. the app then sends touch and audio commands back to the usb dongle and then to the iPhone.

i can send photos of the internals of the device to any one who wants and a link to the APK.

MOD EDIT: removed email address and mention of selling head units. XDA is not a place to make money!
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Nov 2, 2016
i can send photos of the internals of the device to any one who wants and a link to the APK.
Can you send me?


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Jul 28, 2017
New firmware update allowing the box application to work in the background.

First Step: updating the CAR PLAY USB DONGLE

Plug in the car play usb dongle on the PC, copy the "update.bin" file under the root of the dongle, no extra file folder and no any operation, just wait for 5 minutes, it will be quit automatically after updating, then pull off the USB dongle.

Second Step: Uninstall the old version ZBOX softare from the car audio, then intall the new one, then it will be ok to work.(With the new APK in the attachment and follow the manual)


Oct 17, 2010
Hey all, I made a quick video review on the usb dongle

The issue you are experiencing with the zbox having 'stage-fright' has to do with the power requirements of the zbox device. Some USB bus' don't provide enough power (or borderline) so functionality is intermittent. If you use a powered USB hub, that provides additional power to the USB ports, you'll have almost no issues.


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Nov 4, 2016
Has anyone tried one of these on a PX3 RK3166 head unit?
I have one but cant get it to work.
It connects to the apk but wont connect to the iphone.
Tried the update to firmware and apk, still no joy.
Not sure if i have a faulty dongle or it's a compatibility issue with these head units.
Alibaba seller suggested not enough power on head units usb?


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Jun 22, 2017
I have the same problem with one of these.....
I have tried three android units now and I still can’t get them to work....
Android 4.4 it says its connect but the iPhone just shows as not found....
The other two are both 6.0.1 and the zbox just shows connecting all the time!

If any one has any help it would greatfully be received..

Or for that matter any software updates.....
Mine is showing apk: 2.1.0
Zbox versions: 2.1.0

Many thanks and kind regards


Jul 23, 2017
Mine works and I have a px3. I updated the device and installed the latest zbox app before I tried it. I would try swapping out cords and making sure they are certified by Apple. The only issue I have with mine is that it cannot be controlled from the steering wheel.

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Sep 23, 2017
I use a second usb-plug and a y-cable to provide sufficient power to the device.
What do you guys do with regards to phone calls? My phone is obviously paired to the head unit via Bluetooth, so whenever I get a Call, it jumps out of CarPlay/zbox to the Stock phone interface, however the phone still transmits the audio to carplay and not via Bluetooth by default.
How any of you solved that problem?


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May 6, 2017
If you are using CarPlay why do you have Bluetooth paired? Every car I've been in with CarPlay diconnects the phone from Bluetooth.

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Dec 22, 2006
I have an Eonon GA7157 running a:
CPU: Allwinner R16 1.6GHz Cortex A7 Quad-Core
Storage: 16GB
I have tried App and Firmware 2.x and 3.x. No joy. All I get is "Connecting" when the usb dongle and app is started. It never gets passed this "Connecting..." stage. USB devices like keyboards, mice, USB Flash drives, and even video camera work fine on this headunit. The Zbox Z1 and an OTA tuner don't work for some reason.
I did some more troubleshooting and found out the following: The dongle works perfectly on my PC running Remix. I also tried it on Samsung Table A; on this one, same symptom as the head unit, so I tried using an OTG cable and what do you know, it worked perfectly.
Therefore, I have 2 possible explanations: The headhunt's USB cable needs to be hardwire as OTG or Eonon somehow has decided to block certain type of USB devices that request data asynchronously. Why? I have not clue... I wish I could disable this flag in the OS, but I have not clue where it can be done. My headunit is rooted, so it should be possible in theory.
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Sep 26, 2017
Hello, could you post pictures of the internals? I'm very curious what's inside the lil dongle. Also: do you still have some of the dongles? haha
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Oct 10, 2007
Hey, can someone help me to find the Zbox Z APK 3.0 to Download in English?
I have the 3.0 in Chinese only. And the 2.1 doesn’t work. My Firmware is 3.0

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    [WHT DONGLE] Current App Build & Firmware

    I think tat seines there is quite a few people checking on this thread and that there are no CLEAR instruction; accept from the half baked English ones from the seller / retailer that, again, make no sense. I have decided to make a quick explanation and instruction guide on " How Too Upgrade " the app and firmware.

    If anyone also know where the latest firmwares can be obtained other than out of date sales sites then replay to this post and ill update it.

    Current APK Build: 2018.06.20.1338

    Current Firmware Build: 2018.06.26.1620

    InApp Firmware Update (for my self) Isn't working

    Anyone with the ZBox Version wanting to give directions on installing then be my guest.


    1:- First head over to the links provided for the latest known working Autoplaybox APK & firmware and download them to a pc or laptop:



    If you download the APK from the links above then this is the entry APK into the in app updating in which you can then update the app within the app its self. It also give you the option to update the firmware also how ever the " null - unstable network connection " bug currently happens

    2:- Once downloaded you will need a USB 2.0 thumb stick, reformat it just for good measures and then move the files on to the USB 2.0 thumb stick. You will need to unzip the files if you follow the links provided above.

    I found that when the retailers and Chinese sellers state that you need to install the firmware VIA a U-Disk then what they actually mean is a USB 2.0 thumb drive. Through experience I was trying to update the firmware using a USB 3.0 thumb drive and it didn't work.

    3:- After moving your downloaded files to your USB 2.0 thumb stick, eject the USB 2.0 thumb stick from your computer and move to your android head unit in your car. Start your car so the head unit turns on and move to the next step.

    4:-Uninstall the Autoplaybox you currently have installed and connect your USB 2.0 thumb stick into a USB port and locate the APK you downloaded. Install and don't open Autoplaybox. You will need to locate your files again on your USB 2.0 thumb stick, remove the APK and keep the update image on the Thumb stick.

    5:- Remove your USB 2.0 thumb stick, open the AutoPlayBox BUT do not connect the dongle just yet.

    6:- Take your dongle and connect your USB 2.0 thumb stick into the USB port on the dongle.

    7:-Once USB 2.0 thumb stick ix connected to your dingle, connect the dongle and USB 2.0 thumb stick combo into a usb port on your head unit.

    As the dongle is powered; in the app you will then see the APK build & firmware on screen, then in yellow text you will see "Dont unplug U-Disk until update has finished. Shortly after you will see green text stating the update was successful. Then your all set.

    New update out today for app and box, fix for iOS 13 music stuttering fix included in the change log
    Bare with me guys I’ve got the latest apk and firmware for the white dongle. I will upload now.



    I did not test yet! This was supplied by the Chinese seller. Test at your own risk.

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    I finally managed to download the latest updates (apk and firmware) of the white dongle, dated 20180518. Last firmware removes the annoying "use this USB" dialog that came up every single time the dongle was attached.
    You can find them here:


    Made a new video showing how to update and in the description there is the link for any updates for the dongle.

    If you get a black screen go into android settings, car settings, and enable watching video while driving! It might be blocked by default!