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Oswald Boelcke

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Still no Xiaomi 12X?
Forum just got created:


Sep 28, 2014
Hello admins !

We have been polluting the Kingkong Mini / Kingkong Mini 2 thread with news, speculations and comments on the Cubot Pocket since April 23rd.
I think, both KKM / KKM2 and Pocket lovers would benefit from a split of the thread…

Can you please create a section dedicated to the upcoming Cubot Pocket ?
It is one of the rare 4 inch android phones.
Cubot website

Thank you !



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Aug 9, 2006
How does it work here to have a dedicated forum? We just shoot the name of the device and someone from the Admin team counts how many have requested? We vote? Anyone knows?


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Sep 11, 2012
OnePlus One
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How does it work here to have a dedicated forum? We just shoot the name of the device and someone from the Admin team counts how many have requested? We vote? Anyone knows?

That's a joke, of course. It is selected by popular demand and by the level of development that exists for a device. If, for example, a large amount of development threads for a device are created in a remotely related device forum or the general section, chances are very high a dedicated device forum will be created and the existing threads will be moved there. The more mainstream devices get a dedicated section before their release.


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Apr 24, 2022
Forum just got created:
Thank you. But still can't add Xiaomi 12X (Psyche) to my device list.

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    Poco F4 GT/ Redmi K50 Gaming edition please.
    please Redmi Note 11 (spesn)
    And this one is also up too:
    with @NamCap's thread as the first thread.
    +1 Poco F4 GT
    Still no Xiaomi 12X?
    Forum just got created:
    Xda has been the graal of android community for over a decade, thank you so much for all your efforts.

    I wonder if you guys can open a section for Ingres aka redmi k50 gt, poco f4 gt, thank you so much
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    Please post all your requests here.

    The forum admins choose new device forums carefully, based on several factors. There's no guarantee your device will have a forum created here, but feel free to posts your requests in this thread :)

    Please do not send me a PM asking for a forum to be added.
    Android Car Stereo Radio Head Units

    There are multiple devices in this category that seem to be served by a couple of monolithic threads that currently try to cover all the topics related to them. The two main categories of device seem to be HuiFei devices serviced by this thread (currently 9118 posts) and the AN-21 U devices by this thread (currently 6484 posts). Both devices ideally would have their own sub-forum as they are quite distinct development wise however a "Android Car Stereo Radio Head Units" forum would be a substantial improvement. Thanks.
    Samsung Galaxy S Duos


    There should be a forum for Galaxy S Duos..since there are a lot of thread discussing further development on this device.

    There are many ROMs like :

    So please LISTEN..LISTEN...LISTEN...LISTEN.. to us
    A Forum for this device[Galaxy S Duos] is must
    Please Create a forum for S Duos... ASAP..!
    Please consider creating a forum specific for the SD 778 based galaxy a52s 5g. I'm sure samsung will sell a lot of these so a dedicated forum would help to avoid confusion with the regular SD 750 based galaxy A52 5g...
    Hey there, recently All of the LG Optimus L line phones, have had their Locked bootloaders hacked and now have fully functional ROOT, ClockworkMod and soon to begin cooking ROMS, thats why we need a device forums not 300 pages threads (u basicaly cant find the stuff that was posted 1week ago anymore, its a big mess there) in L7/L5 or L3 threads, ( L3 have official Cyanogen Support and soon others will have it too ) So Please Please create device forums for us... You can create them into one single big group, believe me these devices are quite popular

    Device list that missing the forums:

    LG Optimus L3 E400
    LG Optimus L5 E610
    LG Optimus L7 P700/P705

    Device list that already have a forum: