New Fire HD10 2019 Bootless Root Method + Bootloader Unlock Brainstorming

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Mar 24, 2019
There's a new Fire 10 coming out, with an Octacore processor, USB-C charging, and FireOS based on Pie:

I most certainly don't need any more fire tablets in my life, but this does look pretty cool. I wonder how hackable it is :p

Update 12/27/2019:
See post below for temporary root method from @diplomatic:

Note that this is only compatible with the firmware fresh out of the box. Do not let it update if you want temporary root.

You can also make use of bootless root for a more permanent root solution (though, you cannot modify the system partition):
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Jan 18, 2011
3GB ram would have been nice for sure. I'm guessing this 2GHz octa-core processor is the MT8392
If I had the money I'd buy one just to be in the vanguard -- and to open it up to see if it has the CLK test point that's been so successful in unlocking the 8th gen Fire HD 8.

I'm also curious: since the current version is such an improvement over its predecessor, will this one be a similar leap forward? It's hard to imagine, but it might be worth checking out a few months down the road when they either go on sale or Amazon Warehouse gets a few refurbs. (I'll also probably wait to see if this model is a drop-in replacement for the one I have one that's in an Echo Show Mode case.)

EDIT: Well of course it can't just drop in. USB C vs. MicroUSB for the connector. Derp.
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Oct 15, 2013
ADB and Fastboot script will work when using USB C
Of course they will when used with the stock USB C cable. Poster's question pertained to the use of a "microUSB type B to type C adapter". Are you saying through experience a particular adapter works for ADB and fastboot?

In my experienced poorly designed (cheap knockoff) adapters may not work for fastboot communication. Same for bargain cables. Get what you pay for.
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Oct 15, 2013
Only 2GB of RAM probably means poor multitasking.
Not necessarily, unless you're looking for rapid switching among a dozen or more apps which would be a challenge given low end components (cpu, nand, etc). Android 9 does a commendable job managing larger ZRAM blocks given inherent limitations. Won't be a speedster but probably more tolerable than raw specs would suggest.
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    well i finally got it working and downgraded to and i went ahead and pushed the MTK-su file and i keep getting this ./mtk-su: no such file or directory.

    I can see the file in there so maybe i did something wrong :|
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    mtk-su for OS

    I just uploaded the latest mtk-su (a thing that gives you temp root) in the Temp root thread. It only supports the original OS. No solution yet for the updated version, but hoping a downgrade or unlock method will be found.
    I have repacked and reuploaded
    It contains FireOS 7.0/PS7310/940N, scatter file and kamakiri for RPMB downgrade.

    Apparently there are multiple versions of and the files originally uploaded here are from version 7.0/PS7310/939N.
    Also lk was incomplete.

    Thanks again to @Kramar111 for the files :)
    Can you take apart (remove back cover) your newest Fire HD 10 and post the motherboard pictures with test point like CLK, DAT0, CMD and removed metal shield.


    I’m actually going to respectfully ask you to stop responding to my posts and stop asking me for anything. I will no longer reply to your posts other than to make this request.
    Thanks to @Kramar111, we now have a full dump of

    And a little present from me, minimal kamakiri for maverick.
    All it does is downgrade RPMB, flashing can be done with SP Flash.
    Thanks again to @bengris32 for testing.
    7 Images

    So here are some images extracted from the stock FW, courtesy of @dr_docdoc. I trimmed the extra partition data. It would be great if @k4y0z or @xyz` could take a look at them.