New Firmware Release for Galaxy Watch Active2 - SM-R825U

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Sep 26, 2020
I have BTJ6 with Tizen

No software update for quite a while now... I'm beginning to wonder if they forgot about us Active2 owners LOL
On many models, Tizen has already been updated to, but nothing for our model. I hope they will also remember the owners of the 825 version))


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May 9, 2007
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Finally received my Active 2 R825U update!


Sep 2, 2019
Does anyone have the latest November update for our R825U?
I just updated today my watch to the new firmware, and I am very unhappy that the seconds are not shown anymore in always on mode. Very very disappointed.
I am trying to find a way to downgrade, but so fare no luck...
@akiravjp , do you happen to have the firmware files stored?

I believe this R825USQU1BTJ6 is the latest November update,
while version R825USQU1BTH9 is the previous September one.

Thanks for any help you can give me!


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Sep 20, 2012
Does anyone have the latest November update for our R825U?
I just updated today my watch to the new firmware, and I am very unhappy that the seconds are not shown anymore in always on mode. Very very disappointed.
I am trying to find a way to downgrade, but so fare no luck...
@akiravjp , do you happen to have the firmware files stored?

I believe this R825USQU1BTJ6 is the latest November update,
while version R825USQU1BTH9 is the previous September one.

Thanks for any help you can give me!
Hi, need it firmware.plz send me link?

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    Samsung released Firmware Update R825USQU1BTH9/R825UOYN1BTH9 for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 (SM-R825U) (on 9/23/20)
    One UI Watch Version 2.0
    Tizen Version
    ECG, etc. !

    Build Number : R825USQU1BTH9 Tizen version : Tizen Release Date : 2020-09-23
    • Advanced Running Analysis : Giving you the insights you need to improve your running form.
    • VO2max : Check the maximum amount of oxygen you utilize during exercise to improve your endurance.
    • Added the new Samsung Health Monitor App for ECG Measurements.
    (※ Available on Galaxy smartphones with Android 7.0 and later.)
    • Detect falls : Watch can send out SOS call and messages to emergency contact when a hard fall is detected.
    • Enhanced Notification : Upon receiving a message notification, a chat window appears and can also view images.
    • AR Emoji/Bitmoji : Send AR Emoji and Bitmoji through the watch.
    • Capture : Supports scroll capture feature that automatically sends the screen-capture image to the phone.

    Samsung released Firmware Update R825USQU1ATH1 for the Galaxy Watch Active2 (SM-R825U) on 9/02/20
    Change Log Indicates:
    · Improved system reliability

    Samsung released Firmware Update R825USQU1ATF2 for the Galaxy Watch Active2 (SM-R825U) on 7/24/20
    edit: I finally got the ATF2 update on my Unlocked SM-R825U on 9/24/20. After that update, the 9/23/20 R825USQU1BTH9Tizen Update Downloaded.

    Samsung Unlocked Version:
    AT&T Version:

    · Device stability improvements, bug fixes.
    · New and / or enhanced features.
    · Further improvements to performance

    Samsung's description is lacking :rolleyes:

    Does anyone have further insight to any of the updates above?
    Call from AT&T Tech Support


    So apparently my watch is in route back to me. Samsung repair ticket indicates the solution was "REPLACED PBA".

    I don't know what PBA stands for. However, I could have sworn it was due to the recent software update since a lot of other people are having the same issue.

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    I received a call today and learned that AT&T was working on some "profile problems" in their NumberSync program that many are experiencing (such as those in this thread). The person called to verify my login name. Before the call, I did update the Galaxy Wear App (that I was told earlier should solve the problem), but that made no difference. I was also told that I would receive a return call in 24 to 48 hours when they had fixed the problem and they would help me connect to NumberSync. I am glad they escalated my ticket a few days ago; hopefully that means I am in the queue of known people with problems to have the problem fixed (if that is the problem and there is a fix). There must be hundreds or thousands with the same problem for them to give some attention to it????
    I know TMobile and Verizon also have a numbersync service. I'd be interested to know if they also have the same issue after this last software update or if the update was only for AT&T watches.

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    Yes! If so, there must be a lot of people dissatisfied with Samsung! Thanks for keeping this thread alive, it must be helping others too. Almost everyday my watch offers me the option to use NumberSync, and everyday it tells me that NumberSync is not available when I try to use it. It does not seem that buying a new Samsung phone is the solution. There are other brands, but the watch is a Samsung and a different brand phone probably would be even more difficult to sync. Perhaps moving to TMobile or Verizon and buying a new Samsung phone would solve the problem, if we knew whether or not they have the issue too.

    Thanks again!
    2nd Update:

    So I got my watch back but it still doesn't work. Went to the AT&T store when it arrived actually because I was so sure it's all related to the software update. Sure enough I was right... After a couple resets and new esim the watch still has no data connection. Needless to say, AT&T could not do anything and referred me back to Samsung again.

    Finally got around to calling Samsung again, explained everything again and sure enough, another service order and they asked me to send it back again. I reiterated that I believe their recent software update broke the data connection.

    So Samsung receives my watch again tomorrow.

    To be continued...

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    I was having he same problem as you with my Watch Active 2. I got so frustrated with AT&T support that I cancelled my plan and traded in my Watch Active 2 for a Galaxy Watch 3. Samsung is offering a $150 trade-in value, which is what I paid for my used Watch Active 2 on Swappa.

    I ordered a brand new eSIM card for my Galaxy Watch 3 from AT&T, activated it, and exactly the same thing happened! I could make and receive calls on the Galaxy Watch 3, but I could not receive mobile data no matter what I tried. The firmware on the Galaxy Watch 3 is different from the Watch Active 2 (R845USQU1ATFE), so the issue must be related to the way Samsung's latest firmware interacts with the profile on the AT&T side.

    After messing around with the settings on my Galaxy Watch 3, I think I found a workaround! If I go to Settings/Connections/Mobile Networks/Access Point Names I can see two different APNs: one for "Internet Connection" and one for "MMS Connection". The default APN for both is "ATTnextgenphone", but I noticed I have the option to create a new APN. I was shocked because on all previous firmware versions of my Watch Active 2, the option to create a new APN was always disabled. I changed the APN for "Internet Connection" from "NXTGENPHONE" to "Phone", which is the APN for HSPA+. After saving the new APN and rebooting my watch, I can now receive 4G LTE data. I was also able to get Numbersync to work with my iPhone 11 Pro Max by setting up my Galaxy Watch3 in standalone mode.

    Since I no longer have my Watch Active 2, I can't check it for that model, but maybe this will work for you. If you go to Settings/Connections/Mobile Networks/Access Point Names are you able to create a new APN for the Internet Connection?
    Tapping on Access Point Names in the Active 2 watch gives no response! to me I wonder if AT&T is deciding not to support NumberSync or Samsung watches with Numbersync, because by default they surely are not supporting their customers who have paid for these watches!

    I found I can only change the APN in standalone mode. The option is blanked out when it is paired to the phone. To set up your watch in standalone mode, do the following:

    1. Pair the watch like normal to your phone using the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app. Use the blue eSIM card to add the AT&T network settings to your watch by scanning the QR code with your phone.

    2. Go to General settings and Reset your watch, but leave the network settings on the device. Don't delete the network settings on the watch, but unpair it from your phone by forgetting it in Bluetooth settings and in the Galaxy Wearable App.

    3. After the watch reboots and you are on the yellow "Let's Go" screen, scroll down to the bottom and you will see a couple of icons that look like a "?" and a globe. Press the icon that looks like a "?", and it will ask you if you want to set up the watch in standalone mode. In this mode, the watch works as a standalone device, and uses its own phone number separate from your phone. It will ask you to enter the user name and password for your Samsung account using WiFi, and let you select the AT&T network settings that you left on your watch in step 2.

    4. Now that the device is set up in standalone mode, you should be able to change the APN for the Internet Connection to "Phone" and save the APN setting. After you reboot your watch, turn off WiFi and the device should automatically connect to the mobile network if you have mobile data turned on. You should be able to see the little "4G LTE" icon next to the signal bars.

    5. Now that you are connected to the mobile data network, you should be able to generate a Numbersync code under Mobile Network settings. When the watch generates the code, you need to go to on a browser or in the myAT&T app and manage the network settings for your phone. If you go into your wireless account settings on and select your phone, there should be a link below that says "Manage Numbersync'". If you click on that, it will show you another link that lets you pair a device. Click on that link and enter the code shown on your watch.

    6. Your watch should now be synced to your phone via Numbersync, but it will not be paired via Bluetooth. In other words, your watch will ring when somebody calls your phone number and you will be able to send texts, but you won't be able to receive notifications from your phone or install apps using the Galaxy Wear app on your phone because the watch is in standalone mode. You will only receive notifications from the apps installed using the Galaxy Store on the watch itself, and you can only install apps using the standalone Galaxy Store on the watch.

    7. If you want to receive notifications from your phone, go into settings and scroll to the bottom where it says "Pair to a New Phone". If you press this, it will allow you to pair to your phone like normal. The watch will reboot, but it will retain the apps, mobile network settings and Numbersync settings you applied in standalone mode.

    I hope this helps!