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Sep 26, 2012
Buenos Aires - Argentina

I've got a S6 system dump but, unfortunately, a lot of APKs are corrupted. Some apks seems to work fine. I think Weather app works too, but gives me force close due to missing Daemon service. Anyway, other things are perfectly working in our devices just like the sound files. There's no much difference between the old and new sounds: Finally, most of the S3 sounds are gone (bye bye, Whistle.ogg!) and replaced with a bit more subtle ones (Whistle replaced with Skyline, etc). Also, a new Over the Horizon ringtone and PowerOn sounds are there. Grab the zip below and enjoy! Works in every phone capable to play ogg files (all Samsung devices since the i9000), LGs, etc.

Flashable zip by @hokiukiu !

Confirmed to work in AOSP roms! Happy flashing!
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Mar 16, 2011
Just extract the zip und copy the media folder to system/media and let the folders merge. After that don't forget to set permissions on each audio file.


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Dec 8, 2011
If you want some of these new ringtones like Beginning, Prelude, Warm_Greetings, they don't exist on the Note 4. You can do like I did and use ZArchiver to view and play the ogg files while still zipped, multi-select the ones you like, navigate to ExtSdCard and create the corresponding folder like "ringtones" or add "notifications", if that's your choice, and drop them in there and reboot for the media scanner to add them as ringtones in the menus. Did this all within the app; no unzipping; no permissions to set.

You'll have tones that survive ROM flashes and most wipes don't include the ExtSdCard so it's as permanent as you like it to be.

Pretty sure you'd have to have your sdcard permissions in order to create a folder and write. I used FolderMount on TW Lollipop.
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Feb 20, 2014
The Sound from S6 only paste in System/Media/Audio or?
And delete the old ones.

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