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New member
Jun 28, 2021
LG G7 ThinQ
Hi, Didn't work, 😢, why? I'm on the latest version 10.8 and flashed using ofox,

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    G-Board Themer

    Chek out more about me HERE

    Hey so am back with an interesting thing with to share it with you guys.....
    yeah trust me you will like this

    So....whats it???

    Its the new G-Board theme enabler for people like me who dont like to root their devices

    The following features applies for all phones running Android 10 and above (except when mentioned)


    -New Round corner Ui

    -Screenshot paste

    -G logo on spacebar

    -Works with Android 12's Material you (Adaptive colours)

    -Android 12 Round Pills {Needs latest gboard beta from HERE }

    -New Android 12 Silky Theme {Needs Android 12 and latest gboard beta from HERE }

    Screenshots : -

    Dynamic Keyboard:-



    Screen shot paste:-


    New design toggle:-


    Android 12 emojis:-


    Android 12 silky theme:-


    Android 12 round pills:-


    Whats New :-

    1. Cleaned Installation script

    2. Updated and cleaned the files

    3. Added some new stuff

    4. Adaptive theming (Now in androdi 12 flashing this will enable adaptive colours based on material you on gboard)

    5. Added G logo on space bar for pixel feel
    Some minor Transaltion and overall improvements

    How To Install

    1) Download the zip

    2) Boot/Reboot to TWRP/OFRP/SHRP/PBRP or any other recover

    3) sideload (adb sideload name.zip) or install as a file

    4) Reboot (will be done automatically)


    1) Version 1 (Theme only) DOWNLOAD

    2) Version 2 (Theme only) DOWNLOAD

    3) Version 3 (Theme + Emojis) DOWNLOAD

    4 a) Version 4a (Theme only) DOWNLOAD

    4 b) Version 4b (Theme + Emojis) DOWNLOAD

    5) Version 5 (Theme only) DOWNLOAD [Latest]

    Star THIS repo and also give a like in this post

    For any further support or doubts or any issues ping me on TELEGRAM


    Thanks for the people who test and support me

    -RKBDI for his awesome work on the whole gboard stuffs

    -PixelProps for some of the flags

    -In Depth Tech Reviews and Joe for silky theme and pill flags

    -Sorry if i had missed anyone its just maybee i didnt know it just hit below for me to add it
    and this is not my work i am just a part of the work who did a different implementation
    Thanks thala, you have done a excellent job
    Yeah i will never deny the fact that u are a main part of it... ive give the credits too i just used screenshot of emoji tho rest are taken from me and my testers tho (the silky pink one a guy gave me rest its from me and my testers)......but this is not for like keepin it persistently cause not everyone wants magisk na....also i have some other solutions too HERE......and no one does stupid stufs bro (could have ignored telling that ) ...everyone has knowledge...its just the requirements ...there is no point in telling its stupid....maybee some people dont trust/use magisk so i guess its absolutely fine
    You are right not everyone uses any root on phone and it could be useful but I don't think that's good idea to put it to device tree because it could break many of my Gboard themes. I'm not against your module and i think it's very cool to make flashable to enable most of the features at once without using file explorer which could be difficult for new users. I just got pissed off that everyone don't credit my findings but just emoji 🥲
    Hey so am back with an interesting thing with to share it with you guys.....yeah trust me you will like this

    So....whats it???

    Its the new Gboard theme enabler

    It will enable the new dynamic keyboard theme for any device that is using android 11+

    So what is those...

    View attachment 5253033View attachment 5253031

    Thes are the new dynamic keyboard designs google introduced in android 11

    So now...How do you get this..???

    Its pretty simple you can do this with some magisk modules but not everyone uses or prefers magisk right?
    so i have a flashable twrp zip file that will do the job for you

    So you can go here and grab it

    - Reboot to TWRP
    - Flash the zip
    - Restart phone


    Also you can do this via termux/terminal if you have and want a rooted method

    su -c sed -i '/bool.*redesign/s/false/true/g' /data/data/com.google.android.inputmethod.latin/shared_prefs/flag_value.xml

    Thanks to @Adithya R for the instructions

    Also some magisk modules exist you can also use that

    Thanks to PixelProps for the method and also for the testers

    Join my group if you like my work and want to see more Telegram

    Thanx a lot it worked
    Hi, Didn't work, 😢, why? I'm on the latest version 10.8 and flashed using ofox, View attachment 5361963

    Did u install and flash the latest v4??