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I've installed a JY-VQD10N4G-DA in a (dirty) 2019 VW T6, seems to be a successor of the device discussed here initially. Looks pretty much the same:

Came with 4G and now has wireless Carplay and wireless Android Auto (provided you connect a phone that supports 5G cellular and 5Ghz WiFi) - I need neither 4G (have a mobile hotspot in my car) nor Carplay/Android Auto (why would I when I have this unit).

Hey, is there a solution for BT to remove a limitation?
Yes, the one discussed in #27 in this thread did the trick for me. I could then pair my OBDLink MX, no need to change anything in the BT app. Just search for new devices, it will be found. Tap "link" and OK the confirmation code. The BT app will not show the device as connected but it is and works, the connection can be verified in either the original Android settings (needed this tool to access) or just try any use the device, e.g. in my case a car scanner app.

One positive thing I've noted is that the dim range of the screen is really wide so it can be dimmed down well for night drive. I'm also glad that there's a setting to not dim based on headlamp status (I have them on in fog / rain also and hate a dimmed screen then) but on daytime (sunset, location). I also use Agama launcher and that's also set to dim the screen at sunset - seems to work together without interfering but is redundant as the system setting does its job already. Agama is not ideal for FYT btw, its volume control does not work on FYT for instance. But I'm so used to it...

Good news to me also was that I could use other peripherials that I had bought for the previously used MTCE PX5 (DAB+ box, powered antenna splitter, rear cam, GPS antenna).

Haven't seen cold soldering points, hope the unit holds up a while ;)
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Oct 28, 2008
My new ish joying has that setting buried deep somewhere, I have seen it. Not sure if it works :) Never tried it. I will try to post location if I can find it again.
It's in the sound settings. Not in the amp/Equalizer but in the settings section where you have probably deactivated the touch beep. Further down that list. There are 3 gradients to choose from. If you've doubts whether it works, select the strongest ;)


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Jun 24, 2012
OK I have the device in my hands and it's a UIS7862. I want to know if the connector marked SPN on the silkscreen in the initial posts is the one being used for rotating screen models? I'm thinking it can be jumpered to force screen rotation.
I guess no-one every had a reason to look into this. I would still eventually like to force the screen into portrait without having to root the unit, but it very well might be easier to just go ahead and root.


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Jul 1, 2010
@biggy238 I think there's a variable that can be placed in either config.txt or some other file that can rotate the screen. I believe it has been mentioned in another thread/post in this forum. Try searching for or reading through other threads for something that seems relevant. Also, try looking in the firmware to see if you can find something there.

PS: I did a quick search. Do you read this forum or did you try searching for anything related to your question? There was something about screen rotating shortly after you originally posted the question about it. Have a look. I think there's information about the variable there.

FYI, I don't have this model radio and this tickled my memory of stuff I've read in the forum. I'm posting about this as I'd hate to see someone ruin their head unit if I can help.

Remember, anything you do is your responsibility.


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May 4, 2010
I guess no-one every had a reason to look into this. I would still eventually like to force the screen into portrait without having to root the unit, but it very well might be easier to just go ahead and root.
It is a variable in the config.txt, like "ro.sf.swrotation = 90" (default), but you have to check for your unit. Some Joyings have a different value (270). Same for Tesla style units. I put some words to it in my Q&A thread, but not very extensively.


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Jan 22, 2007
Just installed one of these Joying units in my wife's Freelander 1. Everything works well with two exceptions:

1) FM Radio is not great, but I suspect that's an antenna issue, so gonna try an RF amp.

2) Google Play always seems to come up at startup ? I changed the android settings option to the default Car Launcher, but nothing seems to stop google ? We just want either Home screen or FM radio to be the default.

Any ideas appreciated.


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Jan 22, 2007
One more question. Does Joying lock this unit to their DAB+ dongle, or will any Zoulou DAb-Z compatible adaptor work ?



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Jan 22, 2007
Currently trying to find the microphone volume setting on this Joying, but cannot find it anymore.

I adjusted it the other day so it definitely exists but cannot remember where. anybody know ?


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Jan 12, 2008
Has anyone figured out how to install the widevine DRM software so that apps like YouTube TV are able to play videos?

So far, everything is working very well on this unit except for YouTube TV

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    So I've just found out Joying disabled notifications on these units!? Any way of getting them back? Also is root possible on these?
    @Booroondooks proposes to replace the systemUI.apk for that problem on 4PDA. This way the notification will be restored but you will see two clocks.
    Wouldn't happen to have a link to that would you?
    I think it is prohibited by XDA rules to put a 4PDA link. I will send you a pm so please check it.
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    EDIT: XDA didn't like me attaching the photos, just got broken links so I'm sorry that they're embedded like this.

    Joying just sent me a review unit of their new 10.1" Android 10 head unit so I figured it should have its own thread. It looks like they're pumping out updated versions of all their previous devices by the day so I imagine they'll have versions of this in all the different screen sizes soon. First impression is good. The interface is appreciably more responsive than the Intel unit I currently have in the car. I'm working on some videos but figured I'd throw some pictures in here. Here is an unboxing and interface tour video:

    The PCB looks is clearly iterative but looks to have some significant redesigns, especially with the power supply which is much larger than on the previous Intel design, through that might be required for extra derived voltages for the new UIS7862 SoC.

    The previous Intel PCB used an STM32 MCU in between the main SoC and the bluetooth module which probably contributed to the difficulty interfacing Bluetooth devices that weren't specifically allowed by Joying. The area where this chip was now looks to be filled with power components though the same Bluetooth module is still used. I'm hopeful that this means there's direct communication from the SoC to the BT module, but that'll take more digging to determine. There is also a new general purpose ARM Cortex-M4 MCU added between the SoC carrier board and the DSP chip (GigaDevice GD32F330R8T6). I'm curious if that's taken the place of the old STM32 chip or if it's used for something else. Hopefully I'll be able to determine what it's used for, but I'm not touching anything until I get it installed and reviewed.

    The green PCB is the Intel board and the yellowish one is the new Android 10 board. Of note is the fact that the new PCB has Joying's name silk screened onto it where the old Intel one didn't. So, at bare minimum, this board is spun just for Joying, even if the only differences are the silk screen layers.

    Any requests for specific details?
















    @warata @RealZac
    hi, I did succeed enabling dark theme in google maps. you need to set your screen DPI lower (like a phone DPI instead of a tablet DPI) before opening google maps, this way you'll trigger google maps "Theme" feature in its settings. After that, you can revert back to the default tablet DPI.

    To change the screen DPI, go to developer options (enter password, I think "3368")
    Scroll down until you find "Smallest width", change it to 411 dp.
    Then open google maps, and you'll get the "Themes" feature

    [[ Memorize the default DPI to revert back later ]]

    if you want to enable "System-wide dark theme" on whole android 10. you need ADB & usb cable. I used this app "

    Automatic Dark Theme for Android 10" from playstore

    to get ADB on UIS7862 unit, read @gottahavit reply, thanks to him

    Thank you very much! I made a video because I think the method you think is very beneficial to those who own other models.
    You are mixing headunits now, and I think on purpose too. Dasaita is on a completely different platform from Joying/FYT/Teyes/Navifly/etc. Dasaita is based on RockChip PX6 CPU, the headunits we are discussing in THIS thread are based off UIS7862 CPU. You're comparing oranges to apples here. There's also special UIS7862 units with Topway TS10 MCU which have a completely different OS structure, so those do not apply here either.

    Processor does not define platform.

    I believe you actually mean Dasaita are typically MTCx platform ( not processor type there are many other rockchip platforms.)

    That is; Joying/Teyes/Navifly are *typically* FYT as Dasaita (HA) are MTCD/E/P.
    Progress! Thus far I can confirm that Bluetooth is still locked down and the "call xxxx" Google assistant bug is still present.