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Apr 15, 2021
Hello guys,

I will try to make the story short :) - got a brand new sealed LG G6 H870DS to use as a secondary phone today. Unpacked it, set it up, didn't put a SIM card inside, just tried to browse in chrome and YouTube.
Problem - massive overheating and battery drain. Charged it till 100% - opened YouTube - 15 minutes - 12% BATTERY DOWN.
Long time ago had LG G3 and in the end of its life got same probs, but this is completely new device. It shows me Android 8 installed and no updates available.
Read couple of articles in web that people experienced similar issues while updating to Oreo in the past. Anyone have any suggestions what can I do to keep it alive and useable ?

Thank you in advance.
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Nov 28, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S5
Battery had been discharged and damaged about one year after mfg date, or the package wouldn't have been sealed.
Changing battery is quite a PITA on this device, although the back plate is removable like on today's phones, while back then many other phones had a unibody case, requiring to remove the touchscreen. That was one reason for me for getting a G6, another was that it was the last top-of-the-line phone with a flat touchscreen.
My battery is getting weaker, too, and i'm not sure whether to operate with a heatgun for the first time or find a repair shop for the job.

Via OTA you'd havevto install all the security patches up to the big Android 9 update, which was the last one, if i remember. Or directly update via PC with LG's flash utility.
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