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Jan 20, 2011
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"Your home of mobile device news and resources for hacking/modding, hardware/software, development/troubleshooting
IMPROVEMENT for hundreds of devices!"

I have created a 9 part guide to help everyone (new members mostly) get the best out of our site, and start learning!

This is in partial follow up to my previous post on being a new member and trying to navigate the site.
It was a couple weeks before I understood all the different areas of information on this site!

Remember that new or 'Junior Members' (under 8 -10 posts) cant post in Development forums, create a signature, use "Thanks Button" or edit their posts!
Only Mods can Delete and rarely do! be careful what you say! Useless threads are always closed and cant be edited!
Anything you say can be PERMANENT!

When you become a full member make sure to use the thanks button at the bottom of every helpful post! Its better than replying "Thanks!" More on thanks button at end of the Guide!
Make sure to hit mine ! or come back when you can!

XDA Forum Rules - A good read!
One quick message then on with the tour...
What is XDA??
originally posted by kyphur:
I think what a lot of people forget is that this is not a "make my phone neat & kewl" place.

As implied by the name this is technically a Developers forum/community.

Now what does that mean? Well first off it means that there is an expectation that if you are here then you want to customize your device but rather than just installing something that someone packaged you want to understand how it works and maybe even enhance it yourself.

When I first came here with a Blue Angel it was a different environment. PDA Phones were not embraced by the general public because of the expense and complexity (I paid over $400 for my BA). A $400 phone 4 years ago was expensive, today the Tilt is $300 after rebates but with inflation & the rise in the cost of other devices and the fact that there are other sources out there giving them away for $150 our neat bit of kit has become popular with mainstream users.

Now we have a flood of new users who are asking not "How can I do this myself?" but more like "Give me the quick fix" without caring to understand the process. See if you read the threads then you get to experience the learning process, you see how the issues were investigated and confirmed. Then you get to watch the different attempts at resolution and learn why some failed while others worked. That is called Development.

The NooB backlash is coming from users who have walked in the development shoes and is directed mainly at those who don't care for the journey but just want the end result or destination.

As a Development Forum we are just as much (if not more) about the journey. I've read so many comments like "I don't have time to read all of the threads" or "I don't care how it works, just that it does". These very statements are contrary to the heart & soul of XDA-Devs and that is why the backlash is so strong.


XDA-Devs is about developers & hackers helping each other and working together to get the most out of our devices by understanding them better than most.

XDA-Devs is not about helping everyone who wants a "Kewl bit of kit" make their phone better than the guy next to him.

Now do we go kicking users off who never contribute anything, NO. We tolerate it to an extent. Where the toleration ends is when these users start diluting the usefulness of the forum by repeating the same questions over and over again.

You ask us to understand your position. Well if you want to benefit from our experience and time then I think it is only fair that you understand our position.
Well, on with the fun stuff... Enjoy! I hope this helps!

1. XDA FORUM HOMEPAGE - Compact View
2. XDA FORUM HOMEPAGE - Expanded View
3. Operating System Specific Forum
4. Device Specific Forum
5. Sub Forums
6. Advanced Search
8. XDA TV @ YouTube
9. Android Rom Terms - Analogy
Starting with the
1. XDA FORUM HOMEPAGE - Compact View
To start off 2012 we get a fresh new look on the XDA News Portal.
The main focus of the new layout was to make it easy to understand.
So as the greatest american hero said... quite a few times... "That's all I have to say about that." -F.G. (1994)

9. Android Rom Terms - Analogy by: TRusselo
I came up with a great analogy for ROM terms! (for noob think.)

- "A ROM" is like "a car" nothing in specific but a body, wheels, engine, and paint. a general standard vehicle.

- "Each ROM" or each developer is like an auto maker. Each has their own style, options, focus and customer base. Some are luxury, others economy and some are fully loaded! Some are fully packed and heavy and others are base models and very light. You get to get to choose what you like or need, and for once "price is no object" (donating is appreciated) But you almost always get a whole car!

- "Framework" - is like the frame / model or type of car. You cant put SUV parts in a compact car. It just won't work unless you are able to rebuild from scratch (and if you can do that, you would laugh at this analogy!)
Parts / Kernels / Mods must be compatible with that framework, and that framework must be compatible with your phone.

- "Rooting" or getting a "rooted ROM" is like getting the keys and permission to change ANYTHING in your car! But you dont have a warranty anymore!

- The Kernel is like the engine and power systems, it is the "software" engine, it does work and ties all the components together. And engines can be upgraded and tuned up for performance or down for economy!

- The theme is like the paint job. pure looks and enjoyment!

- Other dialers, meta-morphs, mods ect are all after market fun changes, once again only looks not usually any more function.

- The launcher (no rooting or romming needed) is alot like your interior, its the seat you sit in and the controls you touch 75% of the time, until you dig through your glove box or fuse box (back to rom)
Dont see a Thanks button below? there is a few post minimum and...
This will mostly apply to members with older accounts but...
If your xda page design is "old" classic style, you will NOT see the thanks button!

If you switch to "new" xda 2010, then you WILL see the thanks button!


The xda page style is in bottom-left corner!
thanks to "mirolg" for this info
See also my other messages to new users....
Why you get short/one word answers! (The Long Answer)
A Plead to the members of XDA..
[REF] - XDA Forum Rules - Please Read!
List of XDA Moderators

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