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[new]MotoSurf moto homescreen[CAB]

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Aug 1, 2009
First post here and hope to contribute.. here is a new today interface from the MOTO SURF A3100 which is a windows mobile qvga device . This today UI is the new version of the original moto homescreen that are usually seen. Here is a cab to get this great today interface on any qvga touchscreen. Has been test on the A3100 and also the diamond 2 even though its not qvga..so try it out and let me know on what devices this works well with.

Install cab on device and your good to go .if installed on sd card it will crash if you have it plugged into mass storaged. but do so if you like.. just as long as you dont use mass storage. plz let me know your feedback.
screen shots are attached.features: tabs that you can slide through like the Touch diamond and you can customize the order or remove tabs. Has a drop down menu where you can can add fav apps on there.o ya forgot to mention about incoming text, or a missed call... pretty much any notification is showed on the top of the bar. You should be able to show clock and calendar by going to settings from the drop down menu and scroll all the way down and you can turn them on

enjoy:) btw it not in chinese it works with any language your device uses. THX TO DIOXDA FOR UPDATING AND FIXING RSS

Updated cab (tested on qvga device - Prophet, RSS fixed, still no landscape :()

DOWNLOAD HERE (uploaded)

Dear jboogie3, please feel free to update to post#1

options screen (tab selection) to be translated for the screen (may not display properly for non-0Chinese devices :))

1. contacts,
2. internet,
3. weather,
4. RSS,
5. Pictures,
6. Program launcher

have fun :)


also I and the rest of MOTO surf a3100 users need you guys help. We are in desperate need of an english rom wich motorola has not released, just chinese roms are available. If anyone can help make this english rom pls pm me or post on this thread. Here are my dump files from my ENGLISH MOTO SURF A3100 http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=a0278f209190331800d27174b47c6657375d4970c01134f4ce018c8114394287


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Oct 10, 2008
Successfully tested on HTC Diamond. The only trouble that appears to be, is when you go into de built in photo viewer, then exit and the bottom bar is resized to 240*320, which is the original resolution of the app, (it appears blurred on Diamond´s 640*480 screen)
Anyways it is running very smooth, great release!!


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Aug 1, 2009
i think you can install it on the external memory but not sure if it will be very buggy.. i've done that and it gave me a few problems. for best performance i would say install on device


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Jan 23, 2006
Hong Kong
Could some one attach the cab in the forums please?

I'm not able to download of rapidshare/mediafire.

Well... may be I will do something ;)

here you go !! :)

p. s.

1. It will consume around 5 to 6 MB storage memory…
2. It eats up around 6 to 7 MB program memory ….
3. It takes about 55 seconds to load @ the first time .................
4. Tested on my Prophet wwe 20755 M2D wm6.1 rom,

[size=][=tp://cid-2f45793c261ff136.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/lic/MOTO|_HS.CAB.zip]1. MOTO|_HS.CAB.zip[/URL][/size] Click the "download" @ the top left area in the Windows Space page.

[size=][Uhttle5.brsbox.com/download.php?sid=b9522609b99b1093bcd3ef2e49f320c3&fc=6785989d6c70d2c07eab2200119e72eOTO_HS.CAB.zip]2. dIRECT dOWNLOAD mIRROR[/URL][/size] (please use the above link if quote exceeded.) +_+

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Feb 14, 2008

i tried it, and for me it is not so much customizable (skin, icons, global look) so I decided to uninstall it, but I am not able to find it in my installed pgms, so it seems I will have to make a HR and use my last backup... :eek:


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Aug 1, 2009
you can deleted it by going into program files and delete the motosurf folder. but make sure you dont have the moto home screen as your today plugin.

@dioxda2 thx for uploads!