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New Music on Eclipse 1.2+

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Senior Member
Nov 3, 2010
I tried to install the new Google Music update on Eclipse 1.2. It gave me an error about packaged not signed. So naturally, I changed the Music2.apk that is in the /system/app folder to Music2.apk.bak. Rebooted and successfully installed the new Google Music update. Rebooted.

Then I started getting foreclosure notices about the Music app. Also it would launch and gave foreclose messages. I looked in the /system/app folder and the new Music app wasn't there. Searching I found it loaded in the /data/app folder as com.google.music... . I copied the that file into the /system/app folder, renamed it to Music2.apk. Rebooted.

Bam it's all good and working now.

Hope this helps.