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looking at phones has come down to a couple brands.
1. Google
2. Motorola
3. OnePlus--
4. Samsung

I don't need the latest and Verizon is my carrier. Being able to root and make it mine is very important, especially when the updates stop. It would be nice to hear from people who own a phone from the above list. thanks.


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Nov 8, 2022
Redmi 9A
Im a poor mf, so I dont buy expensive phones or top of the line stuff, my budget doesnt get above 100 USD and thats just if the phone is particularly better than the rest of options under 80 USD, so consider Im tlking about this budget zone.

Samsung is the most reliable one, they simply know what theyre doing, most of them are amoled wich is always nice, and they are fast for their price, dont have too much bloatware (your carrier might add it on his own tho, so be careful of that), all the ones I had could be rooted but none of them had Custom roms, so what you can do with them is very limited, but rooting at least is almost certain.

OnePlus, Ive only ever had two on my hands, they are kinda slow to my taste, I dont like them very much, both of the ones I had had zero options for anything, not even rooting IIRC wich sucks.

Motorola, I remember a time when everyone had a motorola and had them rooted, they loked very similar but where different modelss, I was poorer than I am now back then and I had a phone with buttons at this point, nowadays they seem to have fallen out of fashion but I dont know how they are rn.

Google, havent used them, but Some custom ROMS ae entirely based around the Pixel, so bloatware must be at minimum, Im guessing heyre good.

I would go for Samsung, theyre sturdy, will almost certainly be rootable and probably have custom roms, but I would also recomend xiaomi phones, I have a redmi 9a, and let me tell you, it has lots of custom roms that improve the performance of the phone a lot, and once you unlock bootloader, they become """""easy""""" to unbrick, (if you dont unlock bootloader is almost imposible)


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Aug 12, 2010
Somewhere in Connecticut
I've had Motos in the past, and liked them, but they have not been as reliable recently. My last company phone was a Z-something, and it started to bow the battery and screen in an awful way, after about 2 years. That's just terrible.

I've had Samsungs in the past, and currently have an S10+. I also don't want to buy the latest, and bought these (two S10+ - one for me, one for my wife) last year. I've been happy with the Sammys. We're also VZ users (via MVNO).

However, the S10+ are the first phones that we have not rooted (Snapdragons are not rootable and updatable). I agree that rooting is one way to make the phone your own, but honestly I have gotten tired of the ROM situation. In the V30, for example, you lose VOLTE, which makes it useless IMO, particularly on VZ. But the problem I had with ROMs was that you had to keep tinkering and stuff to keep things working... and I didn't see much of an "improvement" with the ROMs. I installed Nova Launcher, and get enough customizability from there.

As for debloating, I don't see the point... it's not an obsession I have, and too much of that can break things. IMO, if you leave those apps alone, they don't take up performance, so why bother? Sure, they take up some space on the system partition, but you can't access that anyway, so I don't see the obsession, but to each their own. That said, you can still remove things via ADB very easily, and that's enough for me. In my case, I disabled auto-updates (I can still update manually). I did that because I don't always like newer updates when they break things... for example, I'm still on 11 because I've heard that 12 breaks the ability to record phone calls, which I really want to keep.

Anyway, that's my take - we're very happy with our S10+ phones. We chose the + because we wanted the bigger battery, and we chose the S10 because we wanted to keep the headphone jack (not available after this model). And, it's not an expensive phone these days (we paid like $300). If they last 3 years, that's $100/yr which is a reasonable place for our needs...