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Mister B

Senior Member
Sep 14, 2006
Ratchada (Bangkok)
New version works on my HD2.
Menu could be better & option at end would be best put in main selection at start of backup, also backing up sent message folders would be good.
Backup hangs at gprs backing up if select option for GPRS settings backup.
All in all a great tool & even better to see it still being worked on ...


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Sep 29, 2009
works perfectly.
some may have ****ty ROM's, and ****ty pseudoPDA's, that's all.
PIMB reg removal is not neccesary, if there's ANY reg to remove.
even so, it should be compatible(or replaced by this version).
both 6.1 and 6.5 versions run fine on 21916(it is not surprising at all ,imho).
f android, wp7 and salarymen, that's all.
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Jul 31, 2011
the list of new features is amazing and it's great to see that development has not stopped yet. The only thing that I'd love to see is the new version 3.0 with the old UI. The new interface confuses me somehow. :silly:


New member
Jul 13, 2010
i was using omnia i900 and i back up my contacts using pimbackup. my omnia i900 got dead and unable to be repaired so i purchased Nokia x2 as temporary mobile.

i want to ask that is their any mean to restore my contacts form pimbackup file (.pib) to nokia x2??

any help will be appreciated in advance


Senior Member
Nov 6, 2009
Mmm... desiccant
i was using omnia i900 and i back up my contacts using pimbackup. my omnia i900 got dead and unable to be repaired so i purchased Nokia x2 as temporary mobile.

i want to ask that is their any mean to restore my contacts form pimbackup file (.pib) to nokia x2??

any help will be appreciated in advance
This info should help some:
Getting your info out of the pib file is relatively easy. Your biggest hurdle will be figuring out what the X2 offers in terms of sync. Worst case, you type it in from scratch.


Oct 29, 2009
Export to XML seems to crash and close PIM Backup

Tried to export Appointments and Call logs to XML file. The export begins, and then PIM Backup closes

The xml files only have a few lines in them:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Appointments Count="9">
<Appointment Item="1">
<Subject>Greg Pin</Subject>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Calls Count="300">
<Call Item="1">

Exporting to csv works fine... any thoughts on what the problem might be?


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Sep 15, 2009
new version available (3.10)
at PIM Backup Website

---------- Post added at 10:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:40 PM ----------

And this time it's not working either.
task manager shows just a process of PimB, that needs about 90 to 100 percent of CPU;
maybe dotFred implemented something like a startup routine that collects information or sth. ?? dunno:eek:

I hope you guys enjoy the new release.:good:

Larry Brent

Senior Member
Oct 8, 2006
Thougt there is a new version available, i did not realize that the version 3.2.0 on dotfreds website is the same as

thx :)


Senior Member
May 29, 2006
Am I the only one who has problems with the new version(s). I still have to test if it is only or all the 3.x versions.
When I start PPC Pim Backup the first time it shows up and then it does not only looses focus (the last activ program should get the focus) but gives focus to the starting page of Manila. Now I can use a Taskmanager to give it the focus back or I can start it a second time. With PPC Pim Backup already running in background starting it again will just give it the focus. When closing the program or killing it with a taskmanager the next start it will give focus to Manila again.

Tested with HTC Rhodium (Energy ROM / WM 6.5.5 + Manila3D) and HTC Kaiser (My own ROM / WEH 6.5 + Manila2D).


Senior Member
May 29, 2006
I did some more testing:

This bug occurs with all 3.x versions of PPC PIM Backup. I have tested 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 for WM65. I also tested 3.3 for WM6 and 3.3 for WM5. All of them change focus to Manila todayscreen if not already running in background.
I also tested version 2.85 and that works like a charm without this bug!

Please let me know if everyone has this problem, if I am the only one with this problem or if it depends on something like ROM language, WM version or something like that.

Mister B

Senior Member
Sep 14, 2006
Ratchada (Bangkok)
latest version works fine for me in term of launching & staying as active window on ROM in sig.
Don't use PIMbackup much as much prefer spb for pim backup & contacts are also backed up via other software to more versatile vcf format.

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    PIM Backup v2.8(Release date 20 Jan 2008)

    - fix for keeping old files when value is 10 (schedule options)
    - fix for subfolders having same name as folders under root (messages restore)
    - fix for the delimiter selection when restoring contacts from csv file (contacts mapping fields)
    - fix for "add only new messages" when restoring binary backup (messages restore)

    more infos on www.dotfred.net


    MMS Backup/restore doesn't work!

    - fix problem with mms "attachments" which are stored on disk but are not considered as attachments in the cemail.vol (wonderful!)
    Arcsoft MMS software uses own-defined properties (blobs) in pmailMsgs table in cemail.vol but I cannot decipher them for the moment.

    - conversion of text backups <-> binary backups

    Version 2.7:

    In 2.6, the backup/restore thread priority has been diminished so it took less resources during the task, and so other programs could continue to work properly. The problem is that a backup/restore task could take much more time to end. This has been changed by adding this feature as parameter, and so it can be changed manually by the user.

    Version 2.6:

    - fix bug in binary restore of contacts (birthday overwritten by anniversary)
    - fix bug in binary/text restore of appointments (status, reminder not correct)
    - fix bug in zip utility => unicode compliant
    - fix bug in restore of tasks (wm2003se only) for (partially) undated tasks
    - fix bug in restore of messages (only messages from an unknown account are discarded)
    - fix bug in csv contacts import (csv coming from another application)
    - fix bug in restore of speed dials (wm6 only)
    - added restore custom files individual selection

    Version 2.5:

    - fix bug in binary backup of appointments containing recipients
    - fix bug in binary/text custom files backup
    - added rename old file option in custom file restore

    Version 2.4:

    - fix a crash bug during restore of a text backup for messages having no
    - fix a bug in scheduled backup
    - add one instance only

    Version 2.3:

    - fix for notes in wm2k3
    - add more error messages in case of backup/restore failure

    Version 2.2:

    - fix for messages backup problem that causes wm2k3 pda's to soft-reset
    - fix for custom files not found in list in csx backup file

    Version 2.1:

    - fixed bug introduced in hex fields in text backup in v2.0
    - add a custom backup functionality for specific files, folders or file types.
    - changed some cosmetic things in the layouts
    - fixed some minor bugs
    - fixed bug in binary task binary backup

    Version 2.0:

    - added escape character in text, so the parsing of csv text works in all cases.

    CAUTION, a bad parsing can still appear for backups made in earlier versions.

    - added binary backups for fastness and reliability. (A tool will be provided in the future to allow to convert text backups to binary backups and vice-versa).

    - schedule problem fixed.

    - added UNC folders names for default folders (inbox, outbox, sent items, drafts, deleted items) in messages, so the restore could be done on a device having another language.

    - fixed the problem of messages stored in folders at the same level as Inbox

    - creation of temporary backup files can be either in memory or in the backup destination folder.

    Version 1.9:

    - fix bug in all day recurring appointments restore
    - fix bug in non recurring tasks restore
    - restore for "add only new..." option should go faster
    - remove empty files from \Windows\Messaging

    Version 1.8:

    - fix problem of lost records (csv parser has been redesigned)

    ADVICE: In WM6 if you have to restore call logs, do it separately especially if you have a lot of them, because cprog.exe (phone application) will take all the cpu to rebuild the links between contacts and calls, so this is not good for the rest of the restore.

    Version 1.7:

    - fix for crashing bug during restore of contacts or messages

    Version 1.6:

    - Yomi included for contacts (not tested, need confirmation on this)
    - fix for call logs in WM6 (allynm)
    - fix appointments load (leo ramik)
    - fix problem for messages load (same as appts)
    - fix csv parser bug (last one, I hope)
    - fix problem with speeddials restore (WM6 only) (it is slow, but it works) (work around provided by dan1967 (thanks!))
    - fix for appts restore (_vint)

    Version 1.5:

    - fix toolbar bug (wm2003se only)
    - fix sms backup bug (wm2003se only) (carolos)
    - fix schedule bug (ebliss)
    - fix birthday bug in contacts (gambit999)
    - fix csv parser bug (exel07)

    Version 1.4:

    - fix a bug found in backup/restore of messages in WM2003SE (choas)
    - fix a bug concerning exclusions of folders in backup of messages (faria)

    Version 1.3:

    - fix a bug found in restore of call logs backup under WM6 (backup made on WM6 only) (faria)

    Version 1.2:

    - fix a bug found when handling unicode files with chinese character set (Sipher)

    Version 1.1:

    - fix a bug in CSV parser (borjok536)
    - added option verbose in main menu (allynm) (the status list is less updated without verbose)
    - added SystemIdleTimerReset to avoid that the pda is suspended during the backup/restore process


    This tool has been made in order to replace the PPCBckpContacts application.
    As its predecessor, PPCPimBackup allows to backup/restore the Personal information of the pocket pc user, but new functionalities have been added.

    This tool allows to backup/restore:

    - appointments
    - call logs
    - contacts
    - messages (SMS, Mails, ...) NEW !!! :D
    - speed dials
    - tasks

    Restore contacts:

    It is possible now to restore a text file containing contacts backed up from other applications, like in Outlook Express, the only constraint is that the first line should contain the fields and the fields need a separator. (See screenshots). The tool allows to map default fields to fields found in the file. It is possible now to insert duplicates.

    Backup messages:

    The mail database is completely parsed to retrieve all the messages stored in every directory and subdirectory. It is possible to select which account and directories should be backed up. You can save attachments as wel if they exist on the pocket pc.

    Restore messages:

    Same as the backup, you can select which account and directories should be restored to the device. Caution, if an account doesn't exist on the pocket pc, this application will discard the messages that belong to that account.

    Restore appointments:

    There was a bug in PPCBckpContacts where appointments with the same name on different dates weren't restored. This should be fixed in this tool.

    Schedule backup:

    It is possible to schedule a backup, each day of the week and this at a specific hour. If the pocket pc is suspended, it will wake up and do the backup. You can eventually control the number of backups to keep and switch off the pocket pc after the scheduled backup is finished.
    The schedule backup creates a notification that can be cleared via the Options Menu.

    File types:

    There is only one file type now, which is .pib (Personal Information Backup), in fact it is just a zip file (so you can open it with a zip application) which contain the different text files used in PPCBckpContacts, so you can still extract these files, edit them on a pc using Excel or Notepad and eventually restore them without putting them back in the .pib file.

    This is the first release, it has been tested on WM4.2, WM5 and WM6.

    Comments, bugs, suggestions are welcome.

    Yours sincerly,




    Use notice:

    The exe contained in the zip file, should be copied and launched on the pocket pc, and not on a pc.
    If you have any comments, bugs report, suggestions, problems, then you could send them to this address [email protected], I will carefully consider them.
    new update V2.8.5

    Version 2.8.5:

    - fix issue with list view using custom states
    - warning popup message in case encryption mechanism is active on sdcard
    - error popup message in case the backup failed
    - fix issue of exceptions in appointments
    new version available
    at PIM Backup Website
    new version available (3.5)
    at PIM Backup Website
    use 2.5 with Tytn II

    I am unable to go any further after when I select the options. "NEXT" is not selectable!

    Any help?