New Release: Universal WM6 ROM Kitchen v.2 (from Ranju)

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May 30, 2006
New v.2 release is the most updated and improved from the last kitchen release and the same vanilla flavor (as before).
I hope you will like it. :)

The most features and changes of the kitchen:

--*Removed Windows Live/Live search
--*Removed Voice Command
--*Removed VoIP
--*Removed OneNote
--*Removed HTCHome plugin
--Removed SQM
--Improved Phone response (removed dialing, ending & speaker tone)
--InCall volume tone removed
--Removed 3 sec ring delay
--Set default search to Google (desktop) search
--Added Google, Gmail and XDA-Developers - Universal forum to the default favorite list
--Improved PIE performance
--PIE cache (temp, cockies & history) relocated to the root (\IE Cache) for easy cleaning
--PIE cache limit set to unlimited
--Added screen Rotation service, icon at bottom bar (few friends were requesting to have it). Simply delete the rgu file from "OEM_ScreenRotation_Service_APP" if you don't need it
--Set default device identification and BT name - "Universal"
--Disabled following plugins to have more space in today screen: Wireless, Internet Calling, Device Lock and Owner Info
--Disabled "Messaging" from today (some people reported that, it's a blocking for storing message/attachments in secondary storage)
--Improved BT support
--Added BT option in phone menu to BT switch on (for audio transfer to BT headset during call)
--Improved - device wakeup from sleep before alarms
--Security (certificate) warning disabled
--RegistryType set to file-based registry ("RegistryType"=dword:00000000)
--SD block transfer rate set to 256k for better SD performance
--New email account (after the camera used) bug fixed
--GlyphCache increased ("limit"=dword:00004000)
--Autorun (Auto Install) support from main rom and can be re-run later with custom config. Auto Install applet can be located under - Start>Settings>Personal
--Unlocked/Unhided empty extROM for filestore and files stored in extrom will be untouched during hardreset.
--Few other bug fix / improvements
--Added most useful packages as OEM (to be downloaded separately)

*Can be stripped from Ivan's (v3) rom if you need them.

List of OEM's:

--Ranju_Tweak - Some of the tweaks for better performance
--Ranju_Autorun - Autorun/Auto Install support from main rom [added ExtROM_Unlock.CAB for extrom unlock, IE_Cache_SD.CAB for setting-up IE cache to SD]. Modify the config.txt to add more packages.

--Ranju_BirthDays - Most lightweight BirthDay today plugin (Bug fixed & new config applet added under Start>Personal)
--Ranju_CorePlayer - AVI, MPEG player (v.1.04)
--Ranju_FlexWallet - FlexWallet 2006 (Rev1 Build 353), my favorite wallet
--Ranju_FoxitReader - The best pdf reader I ever used, file association added, icon modified for better look
--Ranju_HTC_TaskManager - Task Manager to close apps, you can add exclusive apps
--Ranju_Java_Midlet - Java Midlet Manager
--Ranju_OxiosMamory - Free's your system memory
--Ranju_PhotoViewer - Resco PhotoViewer (v.6.31)
--Ranju_PIE_plus - PIE enhancer (v.2.2), my favorite pie plugin
--Ranju_PocketPlayer - Best audio player (v.3.2)
--Ranju_psShutXP - XP like shutdown (with CB skin)
--Ranju_SMSDRFix - SMS delivery report fix, you will get name instead of number
--Ranju_TotalCMD - Total Commander, icon modified for better look
--Ranju_SafeMode - Windows like SafeMode for PPC
--Ranju_VitoAudioNodes - Best audio/call recorder (v.1.3)
--Ranju_WinRAR - Rar/Zip packer/unpacker, file association added (v.3.6)
--Ranju_WM5torage - USB disk tool, can be located under Start>Settings>System
--Ranju_SystemTools - Most usefull tools: PIM backup for conatct/SMS/MMS/Email backup/restore, TaskManager for RegEdit/TaskManager/Net tools, UPX for executable compression/decompression, RunEveryday for Apps scheduler

Please note that, you need to enter your own reg-info for commercialware apps.

How to build:

Step-1: Download and unrar the ROM_DEV_2.rar. It should look like "C:\ROM_DEV" after the unrar.
You will find two cmd files (1. BuildKitchen.cmd and 2. CreateROM.cmd) inside the ROM_DEV folder after the unrar.

Step-2: Download the desired OEM's and the empty ExtROM (if you need it)
Step-3: Run the BuildKitchen.cmd (first time only), it will dump the rom and prepare the kitchen for you.
Step-4: Copy the OEM's to OEM folder (i.e. C:\ROM_DEV\OEM\) and empty ExtROM to ExtROM folder (i.e. C:\ROM_DEV\ExtROM\)
Step-5: Run the CreateROM.cmd to build the rom
Step-5.1: Click on Start in "BuildOS" and close the dialog when done.
Step-5.2: Encode the rom, click on Encode, select the project file, Encode and exit the dialog. It may complain you that the file is too large....just ignore it.
Step-5.3: Set your device to bootloader mode, connect the USB cable and start burning...

You can use BuildKitchen.cmd to dump other WM6 rom and prepare the kitchen. In that case, decode the rom, copy (or overwrite) the file to the ROM folder and run this cmdfile to build your own kitchen.

Download Location:

Empty ExtROM:

Special thanx to:

Ivan, Helmi, Midget, Bepe, TehPenguine and Tuatara


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Nov 22, 2005
New release

Hi Ranju,

Looks great, can't wait to see what you have accomplished!




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May 30, 2006
98% upload is complete through GPRS connection.
But my little davil suddenly disconnected USB cable from my laptop and seven hours of my data transfer returned zero outcome!

I'm going to attend my MBA exam now and try to re-upload when back.

Thank you for patience. :)



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Oct 3, 2006
my uni being used as wireless modem and connected to my laptop through usb.

anyway, i've finished my exam and on the way to home now...

I think he was empathising rather than asking. :)

Hope the exam went well, you must have unlimited grps?

Good luck with uploading again; lock the little devil up for a few hours! ;)


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May 30, 2006


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May 22, 2007
So what you meant by "Little Devil" is your MDA PRO??

And its "sleeping now"??

Oww ok.

No comment;)


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Feb 6, 2006
i wanted to know if the oem packs of previous kitchen work with rom.
ranju can u plz make a oem pack for IM 4.35 for me
i tried doing it on my own but its very complicated .. please

and i wanted to know if the following oems will work with your kitchen
"Index of /Uni/Kitchens/helmi_c/Kitchen_OEM"
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