General New report of actual Verizon OTA SD1A.210817.037.A1 on Pixel 6/Pro

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Unlocked Google phone on Verizon. I'm on 036 currently which I side-loaded. Do I go to .037.A1 or .037 ?

Sideloaded A1 on the move now lol 😝

I think you're saying that you already answered your own question, but if anyone else wonders, the Pixel 6 Pro Factory Images site mentions which updates are for Verizon, although ultimately it probably doesn't matter much if you flash the non-Verizon update.
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Jan 30, 2011
I think you're saying that you already answered your own question, but if anyone else wonders, the Pixel 6 Pro Factory Images site mentions which updates are for Verizon, although ultimately it probably doesn't matter much if you flash the non-Verizon update.
Yes I was asking first but then edited to Verizon version though I don't think it matters ...I side-loaded the non Verizon the first time but wanted to test the Verizon one this time ..
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    @pntballer505 reports getting the .037.A1 OTA on Verizon at post #138.

    Old Verizon OTAs:
    Several reports of the actual Verizon .036.A1 OTA, starting with @stevek216 at post #126.

    Checking for the software update
    [Please check your device to see if you already have the latest software installed. Verify your Build number matches the official build by checking Settings -> About phone -> Build number. See section below]

    After you complete the phone setup, the software update automatically downloads silently in the background. After the download completes, it will prompt you to reboot the phone. In case the software update is not seen, follow the instructions below:
    Go to Settings -> System -> System update -> Check for update
    Install the software update
    Depending on your network connection speed and amount of apps involved, this will take about 25-50 minutes
    Reboot the device after taking the update

    Updating your apps
    Many of the key apps have new features and improvements for Pixel 6. Please check to make sure that your apps are up to date by going to Play Store -> Your Account Icon -> Manage apps & device -> Update all.

    Due to deployment timelines and staged rollouts, some updates may not be available until 10/28.

    Software update Build number
    After the software update, your device software version (Settings -> About phone -> Build number) will be be one of the following:
    SD1A.210817.036.A8 (Verizon customers)
    Same, nothing to update to.
    It will come if they build it. I setup and popped the sim in. Be patient. It takes an hour to download. Damn. It's still updating. Best phone I ever had. I don't understand these complainers
    updated in the uk but phone is getting warm during use and battery life is poor, well compared to Huawei p30 pro its actually shocking, about half at best as i'm used to multiday battery life
    The UI isn't as user friendly as EMUI, why is it so bad compared to EMUI, thought getting a Pixel phone would be an improvement, how wrong was i.
    how quick are the software updates for these phones hopefully improvements are on the way
    My accubattery says that my P6 Pro is capable of delivering 9h54minutes of SoT (discharge rate of roughly 10%/1hour), not sure if you are trolling, if you have a rogue app, a broken phone or if the P30 Pro indeed only loses 5% battery every hour of SoT, which would be a monstrous achievement.

    What is known however, and not everyone is aware of that, is that Google phones are constantly calling home - meaning they offer 100% app functions - and because of that, "idle" battery life (like 1% lost every hour, depending on the amount of apps, more) is relatively bad. You can easily fix this with apps like Naptime or Servicely, even though those might only function in a limited way without root.

    As a reference:

    What should also be mentioned, is that Google Pixels are not multi-day. They are designed by Google to run for one day, and for one day safely (anticipated battery saving functions, whatnot) - it's their decision to guarantee all app functions and therefore limit their phones battery life somewhat (some also call it: "muh spying, no good" - even though that only leaves me with a chuckle, Google already knows almost everything there is to know about most people, they don't need more information to know when you take a sh*t or watch porn), if you are looking for a mutli-day battery phone, Pixels can't help you (except if you root and use something like LKT like I usually do, that way you can get the awesome Pixel experience + awesome battery life) - but that requires work and of course you don't have to or should, if you don't like that.


    Concerning the phone getting warm, I am still not able to replicate this (except shooting videofootage, which is normal for the phone to get warmer, even though I certainly wouldn't call it hot, it doesn't get uncomfortable, it's just noticeable that it gets warmer) - are you, by chance, active in 5G networks? There is no 5G connectivity near my home, so I never used that, I am 4G or Wifi only. Maybe this is the rootcause for those people here that talked about heat issues.

    What might also cause a heat issue is a big ass case that might trap heat between the phone and the case - do you use a case? which one do you use? Maybe we can further narrow it down, if people with the same set of problems all use 5G and/or have similar cases.
    Locking/Unlocking Bootloader - Android Source

    There are only 3 ways this property could be changed:
    1. At ROM build time
    2. Via recovery
    3. Kernel root access
    The last 2 would require an unlocked bootloader.
    Even extremely low level methods such as JTAG most likely wouldn't work due to Android Verified Boot protecting data integrity; if you were to change the binary code on a physical storage device (chip) you would also have to change the cryptographic signature it's verified against.

    USNF 2.2.0 was written to use Zygisk, so Magisk 23010 or newer is required.
    Just for the hell of it, I just tried to flash the regular global .036 over the vzw .036.A8 version and it failed citing the image was older than what I currently have now and downgrade isn't an option. Oh well, like I said, the toggle is still there and working for me. We'll see what Google does next month. I am still feeling these are mostly modem optimizations built in to the image for the specific carrier mentioned. If you look at previous builds for all the other phones, there are several that are carrier specific, especially when a new OS is released. Then eventually, as someone else mentioned, they merge them all together after a few months. Probably settings and coding that needs to be worked out to have the images compatible with all carriers. 🤷
    and this update does what? You guessed it. Absolutely NOTHING
    You are correct, Google just likes to release firmware updates that do nothing.