NEW ROOT METHOD FOR LOLLIPOP - Does this Root for those that took OTA? Testers?

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Feb 6, 2011
This is a POSSIBLE Root method for 5.01+ for S4 but needs testers of which I cannot be.
So I read up on this Chinese company that managed to get root working for a variety of 32bit devices. I never fully took the OTA just dissected it(I never do! next time neither should u!)
Info gathered from:

Obviously not my exploit. I know nothing just giving those that dont have root a chance maybe?

Kingroot4.0 PC
Kingroot4.0 for Phone
KingMaster for Phone
KingUser for Phone

From what I gather you use the PC version to root it currently. Download the .exe from the 1st link then install the file, plugin your phone and press the blue button. I'd try that 1st before trying the other files if that doesn't work theres a chance that the .apk or kingroot for the phone might you can try that as well. The last two files I listed appear to be more root oriented apps for removal of bloat or similar speed enhancements but also contain the ability to root if not already rooted... I haven't seen much on this new version of the app but a variant has been used to help root the S6. Different tho as they have 64bit we have 32bit. But from the press release it claims to successfully root S4 Lollipop along with Note3 and some others. Below is that Press release originally in chinese (with pictures) and translated by google:

KingRoot first a key Root Android L version of the Samsung S4, S5

Android 5.0 Lollipop (hereinafter referred to as Andrioid L) is the second major update 4.0, the biggest change is the UI user interface design, new Andrioid L system user interface more concise, more colorful, it has been widely recognized by users . Currently, there are already some Samsung S4, S5 and Note3 phone users receive OTA upgrade instructions, the first upgrade to the Andriod L system, of course, the whole rom download Brush upgrade rom can.

As a mobile player after upgrading to Andrioid L, or the first Root, which has become a habit. Currently, KingRoot first full support Andrioid L version of the Samsung S4, S5, Note3 model of a key root, for Samsung users to experience the new system, but can also enjoy such as modifying font, uninstalled own applications, shut down since the start of a process, etc. series of advanced features.

Kingroot PC version to achieve Android L version of the Samsung S4, S5 and a key root Note3

Case Samsung S4 process conducted by KingRoot root of:

Figure: KingRoot a key Root Samsung S4

First, Samsung S4 phone connected to the computer, then click the Start button KingRoot Root interface, you can wait a few minutes after the success of Root.

Figure: KingRoot success a key Root Samsung S4

Exactly for Samsung S5, Note3 other models root process.

Root then build their own Andrioid L system

After the phone Root, users can begin to create their own exclusive Andrioid L system, for example: to modify the system fonts, uninstall system comes with the program (such as camera, contacts, etc.), modify the system's internal program (game cheats, change money , levels, etc.), the system landscape (change the percentage of electricity, transparent taskbar and other landscaping features), management software boot from the start, the application is automatically installed electronic market (the majority of games, systems management software), control CPU frequency, voltage (by controlling the CPU The voltage and frequency to control power consumption purposes), and so on.

Figure: Permission to take root successfully interface after Samsung S4

In addition, after the phone Root can also be achieved, for example a malicious ad blocking, phone deep cleaning, game data backup application to move, change fonts, change the boot animation, brush into the Google service pack, view the phone system folders, modify the Hosts and other systems files and many other operations.

Figured it was worth a shot for you guys that don't have root any longer or those nubes looking to gain it for 1st time. If this works I can possibly work out a port to be able to remove the chinese apks and install SuperSu after rooted. Can you guys test and let me know results.... exactly what the phone does in each case would be useful.
crossing my fingers for you, good luck!


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Jul 30, 2009
Alas, I was one of those who foolishly applied the OTA. Tried this, both the PC and the phone versions, no luck. The phone version gives me an error of (google translated from chinese)
KingRoot 4.0
Mobile Root failure
Write adaptation
11,508 people
Submitted a request for adaptation

So, no luck there.


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May 13, 2015
Hi, I'm new to all of this, and I'm looking into rooting my sch-i545 because VZW just pushed out Lollipop and I absolutely hate it. Nothing but problems on my device. So, what I'm getting from this is nobody has successfully figured out how to root around it yet?


Jul 3, 2013
I also tried it and I keep getting this screen and it doesn't seem to work. I took the OTA out of impatience, but realized my mistake. Hope something comes out of all this.


Apr 18, 2013
Didn't work for me. Kingroot seemed to confirm it. (Translated text made zero sense but displayed an envelope with a check mark, will screenshot and post) but root checker says I'm not rooted and supersu says root isn't properly installed and needs to be rerooted.


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Feb 17, 2015
King Root

Well I couldn't stand to wait so, I installed KingRoot & NO it did not work. tried twice.
Galaxy S4 Verizon Lollipop. NEXT:(

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Not Mine either same song. Verizon :(
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