New Seicane HU, is there any update/custom firmware/rom etc. for it?

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New member
Aug 18, 2022

Apologies beforehand for potential stupidity, I'm brand-new here and pretty new to Android. I just bought a Seicane Android HU for my BMW E83, and was hoping to find a way to make it more usable than it currently is (in other words, less janky/chinese). I'm also having a problem where the system will randomly think I'm reversing and switch the screen to a non-existent backup camera view while driving normally.

Below is an Imgur album with what I hope to be enough useful system information.

If anyone has any recommendations/insights in terms of updates or a fix for the "false reverse" issue it would be greatly appreciated, though my previous googling has made me lose some hope. Again, apologies if I'm being ignorant, and hopefully I'm not being to vague.

Thank you!