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Jun 12, 2020
Vivo X60 Pro+
Vivo X80 Pro
There is a new software update version in the trial update area:

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Dec 4, 2009
I wonder if they changed that you can only get the software in the country you registered the phone to?

Like OPPO phones needing VPN for updates from the right country? And then only some countries got it by now?


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Apr 1, 2023
I saw update(trial) for a few hours then it disappeared.
Seems like it was available for limited number of users.


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May 13, 2016
So we are still only talking about trial because stable version is yet to be released?


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Dec 4, 2009
If it would be a stable - then everyone could download it (from fastboot you can always download the latest stable version - but not the trial versions).

Likely something still broken - usually it was 7 days from first appearances of trial to stable. So maybe this time the trial doesn't make it stable.


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Apr 16, 2018
OPPO Find X5 Pro
I have the mobile since last Friday and the battery spends very fast I do not know if my mistake has been to install the trial version, it happens to me both having Chinese applications installed and without them even charging it slowly I have the same problem😔


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Apr 15, 2011
Just got the latest update. 512gb here


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    Deleted member 11140537
    I removed every authorisation for Vivo crapware possible. But disabling the fingerprint sensor is not an option for me - because I need it very often to confirm logins at banks and other apps.

    But yeah with the huge area makes sense it sucks quite some battery if it is active all the time. I don't think that the small screen wakeup causes a lot of battery. And yeah disabling snsors helps at least so far that before just with vibration the screen kinda went on all the time.

    I'm willing to remove features that aren't essential to me - fingerprint however is. Double tap to activate I would not mind.

    And yeah I know that letting the crap spware not phone home all the time - leads to MORE battery consumption - because it tries and tries and tries. There is actually even a setting in the table on retries that defaults to 0 - so likely indefinite. I set it to 1 but it didn't change anything.

    Origin OS is utter rubbsish in loads of areas. That it maybe have a nice homescreen or countless options for features I never use or mostly even debloated I don't care. What I need from this software is not done and looking back at update history Vivo never really improved their phones after the first few month. It's also clear to see their phonse get thrown in a drawer pretty quick with virtually no one active on older phone forums.
    It's so buggy and broken that at some point most will encounter some dealbreakers and stop using those phones.

    This update doesn't solve anything major. Just some tiny things but the main problems are all still there and likely will all still be there until you exchange the phone for something with decent software quality.
    don't you have your own thread to talk about that? Such spam in every thread...
    Haters gonna hate, no way around that. The phone for me has been great. Battery life is muchhhhh better than my previous Xiaomi mi 11 global version. And charging is super fast. Hell even when charging in my car using a 100w baseus charger, it's charges fast. Extreme and some other guys here on xda made me think that charging would be super slow when not using the original cable. Anyways I'm super happy. The only issue I have is dark mode with AOD and notifications (which I've already mentioned). Other than that I'm super happy with my purchase. Camera is awesome, notifications work great since I'm not using dark mode, battery life great, Google pay works and charging is fast. And I didn't even debloat the phone. I just followed that trading Shenzhen YouTube video for tips on origin os. Also using Nova launcher without any issues. It's like others mentioned, do your research before you buy otherwise go with a overpriced s23u
    Another useless update not change anything no security patch...
    Are you extremecarver's twin brother?
    Again no security patches, who could have guessed.🤔
    Also not yet including demo x mode for camera..

    Clear that security updates (if not fake anyhow) only arrive once per quarter and that with 1 month delay.
    Security patch is from may... (last line in attached screenshot)
    Just got this....